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Lian University had one of the top music production majors in the country.

However, they did not care about the results of the students enrollment.

Instead, they were happy to nurture a group of promising youths.

Therefore, the music production major was the only major in Lian University that did not require entrance exams!

After settling Lin Yus admission qualification, Lin Cheng already felt very tired.

Who knew that he would actually be extorted by Wing at this time, and it made him even more vexed to the point of almost going mad!

“Xiao Yun, are you asleep” Wang Lans voice came from outside the room.

“No…” Lin Yun replied softly.

Wang Lan pushed the door open and walked in.

“Xiao Yun, Mom saw that you havent recovered and especially asked the kitchen to make some chicken soup for you.”

Lin Yun turned to look at the clock on the wall.

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It was already past 9 pm.

It was too deliberate for Wang Lan to deliver chicken soup at this time.

Lin Yun revealed a faint smile and said to Wang Lan, “Sorry for making you worry!”

Wang Lan placed the chicken soup in front of Lin Yun and sat down on the sofa not far away from her.

Seeing Lin Yun sitting on the bed with her laptop, Wang Lan asked curiously, “Why arent you resting at this hour”

Lin Yun closed the laptop.

“Recently, the school sent over a few research projects, and Ive yet to complete them.”

“Oh,” Wang Lan replied and did not continue the conversation.

She sat on the sofa and seemed to feel uncomfortable.

Her body moved around unconsciously.

Lin Yun knew that Wang Lan came to her because of Lin Yu.

However, since Wang Lan didnt say anything, Lin Yun naturally wouldnt ask.

She picked up the chicken soup and gently pecked at it.

Wang Lan didnt say anything until Lin Yun finished the chicken soup.

After putting the bowl back on the tray, Lin Yun smiled and said to Wang Lan, “Thank you, Mom! The chicken soup is delicious!”

Wang Lan seemed to have finally made up her mind.

She said to Lin Yun, “Xiao Yun, Mom wants to ask you for a favor!”

“Yes, please go ahead!” Lin Yun faced Wang Lan obediently and listened patiently.

Wang Lan thought for a moment before saying, “You know that Xiaoyu has just returned to the Lin family.

There are still many things that she is not familiar with.”

“Mom hopes that you can help her more!”

Lin Yun lowered her head slightly as if she was a little sad, but then she raised her head and said obediently, “I will!”

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“I know youre a good child!”

“Youre all my good children.

I wont side with any of you!”

“I may have neglected you these days, mainly because Xiaoyu is still not used to living at home, so…”

Wang Lan emphasized that her love for Lin Yun had not changed.

“Mom, I know.” Lin Yun interrupted Wang Lan.

She did not want to hear her lie anymore!


Indeed, Wang Lan had not changed much towards her!

From the beginning to the end, she was only making use of her!

Wang Lan sighed softly, a gratified smile on her face.

“Mom knows youre the most sensible!”

“Xiao Yu is still young and not as sensible as you.

You have to help her more!”


“Your dad said that he mentioned to you about helping Xiao Yu participate in the new grand championship competition…”

Lin Yun looked straight at Wang Lan, not responding.

Wang Lan cleared her throat and continued, “When Xiao Yu mentioned this competition, Dad and Mom were hoping to give her more opportunities to integrate into our Lin family.”

“Its just that Xiao Yu hasnt been living well since she was young, so she hasnt received much education…”

When Lin Yun heard Wang Lans words, she felt that she was implying something.

“Mom, dont worry.

Dad has already told me.

If you need any help from Lin Yu, just tell me directly!”


Lin Yun cut off Wang Lans endless chatter, having her directly speak out her purpose.

Wang Lans eyes narrowed slightly.

She thought for a moment before continuing, “She actually doesnt have much musical talent.

This competition…”

“She doesnt have any music background” Lin Yun exclaimed in disbelief.

“Then she…” Lin Yun paused and looked at Wang Lan in surprise.

Lin Yun naturally knew Lin Yus background.

Lin Yun knew exactly how capable she was.

She was just curious if Wang Lan would tell her the truth!

Wang Lan thought for a while before she continued, “I know its hard on you, but can you help Xiao Yu”

A mocking glint flashed across Lin Yuns eyes, but her expression remained calm.

“How do you want me to help her, Mother”


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