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“Oh! A man stood up for you!” The man with the hooked nose looked at Lin Tings weak scholarly appearance and couldnt help but sneer.

“This man looks so weak.

Its better not to have him!”

The mans words immediately caused the group of people behind him to burst into laughter.

Lin Tings expression turned ugly.

“Who sent you What are you doing”

He looked around at the few people in front of him.

They were all unfamiliar faces.

It seemed that they were not the previous people who had come to the fishing village to cause trouble.

Who had sent them

Seeing that Lin Tings question was so weak, the bald man sneered.

“You dont have to know who sent us!”

“As for what we want to do…” The bald man shook his head and walked in front of Lin Ting, “I can tell you out of kindness!”

“Today, we will tear down your restaurant, break your legs, and destroy this fishing village…” As the bald man spoke, he turned to look at the group of people behind him.

The group of hooligans immediately waved their arms and cheered.

The man with the hooked nose did not forget to add, “I will also bring your little wife back to enjoy her!”

Lin Tings expression darkened.

“Yo, yo! Youre angry!” The man with the hooked nose laughed even more wildly, revealing two rows of yellow teeth and even a few vegetable leaves.

Lin Yun walked out of the restaurant and saw the man smiling wantonly.

Lin Yun frowned slightly.

The silver needle in her hand flashed and she was about to shoot it at the man when she saw Lin Ting suddenly attack.

Lin Ting took a few quick steps forward.

Before the hook-nosed man could react, he had already punched the mans nose bridge.

Blood instantly gushed out, and the hooked-nose man instantly collapsed.

Before anyone could react, Lin Ting had already retreated to Pei Mans side.

When the bald man heard the aquiline-nosed mans painful cry, he finally reacted.

He turned to glare at Lin Ting angrily.

“And youre a martial artist”

“I still have the ability to protect my wife and children!” Lin Ting said casually, not planning to explain further.

The bald man didnt expect Lin Ting to make the first move.

He immediately felt embarrassed and immediately called out to his subordinates, “Smash the place!”

As soon as he gave the order, he heard a group of hooligans shouting behind him.

The bald man smiled in satisfaction.

Before he could see his subordinates attack, he heard even louder shouts behind him.

“Beat him up!” A shout that was louder than the bald mans voice sounded.

Dozens of people suddenly rushed out from all directions.

Those hooligans did not expect there to be so many people hiding around.

They were immediately at a loss.

When the villagers with clubs heard that something had happened to the restaurant, they picked up their weapons and rushed over.

The Lin family had contributed greatly to the fishing village.

If not for the familys leadership, the fishermen in the fishing village would still be living on the sea.

How could they live in small bungalows and eat delicacies on the mountain!

The people in the fishing village were grateful to the Lin family and treated them as one of their own!

Now that something had happened to the Lin family, it was a matter concerning the entire fishing village!

The fishermen grabbed their weapons and chased the hooligans around.

Although those hooligans were armed with clubs and knives, they couldnt withstand a situation where they were the minority.

They covered their heads and ran off, throwing their weapons to the ground.

The bald man was dumbfounded when he saw this.

Lin Ting looked at the bald man and asked coldly, “Speak! Who asked you to come!”

The bald man stood on the spot and looked at Lin Ting in a daze.

He gritted his teeth and said, “I wont tell you! Even if I cant smash your restaurant today, Ill cut off one of your arms!”

As the bald man spoke, a switchblade flashed in his hand and he attacked Lin Ting.

Lin Ting pushed Pei Man away and welcomed the sharp blade in the bald mans hand.

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