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Seeing that Lin Ting was in danger, the silver needle in Lin Yuns hand flashed again.

Lin Yun had specially learned this acupuncture technique from an otherworldly expert in order to treat Lu Chen.

That expert was originally the descendant of a Chinese medicine family.

When applied well, a set of silver needles could cure all kinds of difficult illnesses.

However, Lu Chens legs could not be healed for a long time.

At that time, Lin Yun was deeply troubled.

Later on, the expert said that he could teach Lin Yun this acupuncture technique.

Other than treating Lu Chen, the flying needle technique could also be used for self defense when necessary.

Ever since the last attack, Lin Yun had prepared a set of flying needles by her side in case of emergencies.

Now that Lin Ting and Pei Man were in danger, she had to find an opportunity to attack.

The bald man waved the sharp blade in his hand quickly, and Lin Ting dodged very quickly.

The two of them instantly fell into a stalemate.

Lin Yun looked for a few opportunities but didnt dare to act rashly; she was afraid that she would accidentally injure Lin Ting.

Just as Lin Yun was hesitating, she saw the man with the bloody nose secretly moving toward Pei Man.

Pei Man was worried about Lin Ting and did not notice that she was in danger.

The hooked-nose man aimed a small knife at Pei Mans neck.

He wanted to capture Pei Man to threaten Lin Ting.

The silver needle in Lin Yuns hand shot towards the aquiline-nosed mans glabella but the man subconsciously used the knife in his hand to block Lin Yuns silver needle!

He did not see what was attacking him, nor did he know which direction the enemy was coming from.

He immediately searched around nervously.

Fortunately, he was born with sharp senses.

Otherwise, that blow would have hit him between the eyebrows and knocked him out for a long time!

While the hooked-nose man was looking around, Pei Man also noticed her dangerous situation and immediately ran in another direction.

The hooked-nose man noticed Pei Mans actions and could not be bothered to find another enemy.

He grabbed Pei Mans arm and did not let her leave his control.

Pei Man screamed, causing Lin Ting to be distracted.

The bald man took the opportunity to stab Lin Tings arm.

A bloody gash instantly appeared on Lin Tings arm, accompanied by a stream of blood.

Pei Man exclaimed in heartache.

The bald man smiled and held the switchblade tightly.

He wiped the blood off the blade with one hand.

“Continue!” A bloodthirsty smile appeared on the bald mans lips.

Lin Ting turned to look at Pei Man, his eyes filled with worry, but he was a little busy.

While he was distracted, the bald man attacked again.

The switchblade in his hand was spun in a dazzling swirl that actually stunned Lin Ting for a moment.

The switchblade stopped and pointed at Lin Tings heart.

Lin Ting could not dodge in time.

He could only extend his arm to block and fall in another direction.

However, the speed of the switchblade was far faster than Lin Tings dodging speed!

Just as the switchblade was about to stab Lin Ting between his arm and chest, there was a clang.

The tip of the switchblade actually changed direction and slashed along the side of Lin Tings arm.

The bald man obviously didnt expect this outcome.

He staggered along with the switchblade and almost bumped into Lin Ting.

Lin Ting reacted quickly and kicked the bald man in the chest, knocking him to the ground.

Lin Ting noticed that something made of metal had hit the blade of the switchblade, but he didnt see what it was.

Seeing that Lin Ting was out of danger, Pei Man finally heaved a sigh of relief.

However, a sharp blade suddenly appeared at her neck.

When Lin Ting saw that Pei Man was in danger, his eyes flashed with killing intent.

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