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Lin Ting and Lin Yuns expressions changed when Pei Man was held hostage.

The hooligans who had been chased around by the villagers had already fled in all directions.

Only the bald man on the ground and the hook-nosed man holding Pei Man hostage with a knife were left.

Silver needles flashed in Lin Yuns hand as she looked for an opportunity to save Pei Man.

Lin Ting was clearly not as calm as Lin Yun.

He frowned and glared at the hook-nosed man.

“Let her go!”

The hook-nosed man sneered as if victory was in his grasp.

“Come at me if you dare!”

“Your wife is in my hands! What can you do to me”

As the hooked-nose man spoke, his gaze swept across Pei Mans body from top to bottom with a lecherous smile.

“Its a waste to have such a beauty with you! I like women who are old…”

After the hooked-nose man finished speaking, Lin Yun saw Pei Mans gaze suddenly change.

Before they could react, Pei Man had already stepped on the toes of the hook-nosed man.

Just as the hooked-nose man cried out in pain, Lin Ting had already grabbed the mans wrist and pulled the knife away from Pei Mans neck.

The hooked-nose man reacted quickly.

His hand that was holding the knife was controlled, but his other hand reached out to grab Pei Mans arm.

Unexpectedly, in the next second, a silver needle pierced the mans elbow with precision.

He yelped in pain.

With his elbow sore and numb, he could no longer hold Pei Man.

Pei Man lowered her body and hid behind Lin Ting.

Lin Ting exerted strength in his hand and the knife fell from the hook-nosed mans hand.

At this moment, one of the mans hands was held by Lin Ting, and the other was hit by Lin Yuns silver needle.

He could not use any strength and could only lower his head and admit defeat.

Seeing that the man no longer had the strength to fight back, Pei Man walked out from behind Lin Ting and kicked the mans lower body heavily.

“Who are you calling old Who are you calling old”


Lin Yun looked at Pei Mans angry expression and almost laughed out loud.

She was worried about how to resolve this crisis, but she did not expect the hook-nosed mans words to instantly ignite Pei Mans fighting spirit and defeat the enemy!

Indeed, it made sense for people to say that bad people died from talking too much!

Just as Lin Yun was thinking, a few shouts suddenly came from not far away.

Before Lin Yun could react, she saw a wooden stick as thick as a bowl smash toward Lin Tings back, knocking him to the ground.

A dozen young men with clubs appeared around them.

Lin Yun didnt notice when these people appeared, but they were clearly not with the group of people who had just arrived!

Pei Man exclaimed and hurriedly pounced over to check on Lin Ting.

She knelt on the ground and reached out to touch the blood behind Lin Ting.

“This… This…” Pei Man panicked and did not know how to deal with this situation.

Lin Yuns heart skipped a beat.

She didnt expect two groups of people to come this time!

She felt that her failure to notice what was coming caused Lin Ting to be injured! At this moment, Lin Yun and the others were surrounded by the few restaurant staff left behind.

Lin Yun looked at those people with a dark expression.

“Who are you Why did you hurt my father”

A man in a flowery shirt and a white suit walked out from behind the men.

With his neatly gelled hair, he looked like a character from a gangster movie in the 1980s and 1990s.

Lin Yun frowned and looked at that person.

She asked again, “Are you the leader of this group of people”

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