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“They left” When Pei Man came out of the kitchen, she saw that the restaurant was already empty.

Lin Yun secretly stuffed a card into her pocket and walked toward Pei Man.

“Hows Dad”

Pei Man sighed softly.

“Its fine.

Ive already asked him to rest.

I called your Uncle Chen who said that he would come over to take a look later.”

Lin Yun nodded and did not continue asking.

She had seen Uncle Chen before.

It was said that he was the descendant of a family of Chinese medicine practitioners.

She had never heard of Uncle Chens work but the Lin family seemed to trust him very much.

Although Lin Yun really wanted Pei Man to send Lin Ting to the hospital for a checkup, the hooligans outside had yet to leave.

It would be troublesome if they were followed.

The bald man was left alone at a highway intersection a few kilometers away from the fishing village.

All his belongings had been snatched away, so he could only get off the highway and borrow a phone from someone to call his boss.

“Brother Qi…” his voice sounded weak.

“Is it done” Brother Qi sounded impatient.

“Why did it take so long”

The bald man didnt know how to explain.

After all, the task was just to deal with the villagers of a small fishing village.

Before he left, he had promised Brother Qi that it would only take two to three hours.

But now, his brothers had fled in all directions.

He had been beaten up and left in the middle of nowhere.

“Brother Qi, theres a problem.” The bald man swallowed his saliva and spoke again.

“Whats wrong Wheres Eagle Why havent we heard from him” Brother Qi asked impatiently.

The bald man sighed and said, “Eagle also… got into a problem!”

“Stop talking nonsense with me! Tell me clearly! Whats going on!” Brother Qi instantly exploded with anger and roared into the phone.

The bald man pulled the phone away.

After a while, he came back and said, “The Lin family is not to be trifled with.

Also… and…”

“What else! Stop nagging! Speak!” Brother Qis voice sounded even more irritable.

“The villagers ran out together to help them.

We were outnumbered!” The bald man thought about his words as he attempted to retain a slither of dignity.

“Later on, another group of people came and helped the Lin family.

We werent sufficiently prepared and fell into their trap!”

“We actually… ”

As the bald man spoke, he seemed like he had been tricked by someone.

Brother Qi stopped him impatiently.

“So how did it go Where are Eagle and the others”

The bald man paused for a moment before saying, “I got separated from them.

Im now in a remote village…”

“Ill find Eagle as soon as possible and report back to you!”

“If you cant do it, dont come back!” Brother Qi shouted coldly.

“If you cant cause any trouble to the Lin family in the fishing village today, none of you can come back!”

The bald man listened to Brother Qis roar and stood there aggrievedly, not daring to make a sound.

After hanging up the phone, the bald man sighed and looked at the villager who was waiting for him to pay.

He slapped him.

“If I had money, I wouldnt need to borrow your phone!”

After saying that, the bald man kicked the villager fiercely and turned to walk back the way he came.

He had only taken two steps when he saw more than ten villagers suddenly appear in front of him.

They all glared at the bald man.

The bald man snorted.

“What You want to rob me”

“This guy borrowed my phone but didnt pay.

He even hit me! Brothers, beat him up!” The voice of the villager who had just been hit by the bald man came from behind.

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