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“Dad! Are you okay”

“Mom, what happened”

The two brothers spoke in unison, causing the old couple in the room to be stunned.

Lin Yun stood at the side and looked at Lin Han and Lin Qians anxious expressions with a guilty expression.

She knew that these two groups of people were definitely here for her, but they had caused her parents to be injured.

She really felt sorry for her parents.

Seeing her two brothers worried expressions, Lin Yun felt even more guilty.

Lin Han noticed Lin Yuns reaction and walked forward, asking with concern, “Xiao Yun, are you alright Are you injured anywhere”

Lin Han thought that Lin Yun was frightened and became even more anxious.

“What are those people doing here Why wont they even let a girl off”

Lin Yun opened her mouth, but she didnt know how to explain.

Pei Man walked forward and gently pulled Lin Yun into her arms.

“Xiao Yun must have been frightened! Those people are fierce and not to be trifled with!”

“Look at your dad! They beat him to the ground!”

As Pei Man spoke, she sighed.

“But Xiao Yun was very brave.

She negotiated with those people and chased them away!”

“Negotiated” Lin Qian looked at Lin Yun suspiciously.

“Will they listen to you talk terms since they are troublemakers”

Lin Yun sighed softly and thought to herself,Lin Qian seems to be the only normal person in this family now.

She looked up at Lin Han and then at Lin Qian before saying, “Those people came in two groups.

They were sent by two factions.”

“The first group was chased away by the villagers and those who came later.” Lin Yun blinked and thought for a moment before saying, “One of them, a man with a hooked nose, was taken away by those people.”

“There was also a bald man.

They brought him somewhere and asked him to report to his boss.”

“Then, did you negotiate with the people who came later” Lin Han confirmed again.

He did not want the sister he had finally found to be threatened or hurt!

Lin Yun nodded and said, “Its not a big deal! They didnt mean to cause any serious harm.

They just took someones money and wanted to cause a stir.”

“Furthermore, there were also people who instructed them not to harm us, so they came to protect us.”

When Lin Han heard this, he frowned.

“Youre saying that this second wave of people was here to protect you”

Pei Man thought for a moment and nodded.

“That seems to be the case! Although they injured your father at the beginning, they didnt cause much damage.”

“After that, the first group was also cleaned up by them.”

“I wonder where these people came from.”

Lin Qian thought for a while before asking Lin Yun again, “Do you know who sent them”

Before Lin Yun could speak, Lin Ting, who was lying on the bed, said, “One of them should have been sent by the madam of the family that had some conflict with your mother last time.”

Pei Man blinked and did not realize which familys wife she had a grudge against.

Suddenly, she exclaimed and turned to look at Lin Yun.

“You mean Xiao Yus biological mother”

Lin Ting nodded.

“She should be the one who got someone to come.”

“But why were there two groups of people” Pei Man fell into confusion again.

Lin Ting couldnt figure it out.

Lin Qian looked at Lin Yun and knew that she didnt want her parents to hear something, so he asked Chen Hua, “Uncle Chen, is my fathers injury alright”

Chen Hua, who had already packed his things, glanced at Lin Ting and said, “Dont tire yourself out.

Just rest for a while.”

When Lin Han heard this, he immediately said to Chen Hua, “Then Ill send Uncle Chen back first.

Youve worked hard!”

Chen Hua nodded and didnt stand on ceremony.

He instructed Lin Ting, “Rest well.

Ill visit you in two days!”

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