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Lin Yun shrugged and said indifferently, “Theres no difference! If she sent them, it would be a warning to her.

If not… well just treat it as trash and let her clean it up!”

“In any case, someone has to clean up the things that those people destroyed!”

“Then did you inform Lin Yu” Lin Qian was even more curious.

If Lin Yu didnt care about that property, wouldnt Lin Yuns plan be in vain

Lin Yun smiled meaningfully at Lin Qian.

Lin Qian immediately felt his blood run cold.

“Dont look at me like that.

I think its terrifying!”

Lin Qian swore in his heart that he must not provoke this sister.

She was too terrifying!

Lin Yun reached out and patted Lin Qians shoulder gently.

“Second Brother, dont worry.

I wont scheme against my own people!”

Lin Qian laughed dryly in his response to Lin Yun.

However, Lin Yun still kindly explained her plan to Lin Qian.

“Lin Yu naturally knows how much that property is worth.

Even if shes worried about any traps, she will definitely bring people over!”

Lin Qian suddenly felt that Lin Yun seemed to know Lin Yu very well, even better than any of them!

Didnt they only know each other for a few months

Lin Qian was confused, but Lin Yuns eyes were filled with schemes.

Her understanding of Lin Yu had indeed reached the point where she could calculate every step she took!

After those people left, Lin Yun called Lin Yu immediately.

“Lin Yu, something happened at the restaurant.

Dont come over today.” Lin Yuns voice sounded very anxious.

When Lin Yu heard Lin Yuns words, she felt much more at ease.

Initially, she was still a little worried because she had gotten an unclear answer from the phone call with Brother Qi.

However, when she heard Lin Yuns words, Lin Yu knew that it was done!

She asked calmly, “What happened Do you need my help”

Lin Yun immediately explained, “Nothing! You dont have to worry.”

“I called you because Mom asked me to inform you about the property that they prepared for you today, but something happened at the restaurant, so its not convenient for them to go over.

Go to the place alone and take a look!”

“If you need anything, contact Mom and Dad.

Theyll do their best to arrange it for you.”

“Property What property” Lin Yus voice was filled with curiosity and even a little excitement.

“Dad and Mom felt that they owed you when you left home, so they bought the place on Xinyang Road for you,” Lin Yun continued.

“Go over and take a look first.

Im worried that those people will find that place too.”

“Did you say Xinyang Road…” Lin Yu paused.

Her tone revealed excitement.

“Its the building that has never been used in Xinyang Road,” Lin Yun continued.

“Dad and Mom spent a lot of effort to buy it.

Hurry up and confirm that it hasnt been destroyed!”

“Ill send you the way to open the door and the password to the door.

I still have to take care of Dad and Mom, so I wont go over!”

Lin Yu didnt say anything for a long time.

Lin Yun could hear Lin Yus breathing becoming clear and hurried.

Lin Yuns lips curled into a mocking smile.

Lin Yu only cared about these things!

To think that Pei Man was worried that Lin Yu would not like the style of the place.

She wanted to ask for her opinion when she went with Lin Yu.

How could Lin Yu care about the style of the renovation!

She only cared about the value of the property!

Lin Yun thought to herself, “Since you like that place so much, enjoy the free gifts!”

After Lin Yun hung up, she sent the access method and password to Lin Yu.

After settling everything, Lin Yun put away her phone and took a deep breath.

“I hope you like your new gift!”

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