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Lin Yun chatted with Lin Qian for a while and was about to walk back when Lin Yuns phone suddenly rang.

She picked up the phone.

It was Xiao Yis voice.

“Its done!” Xiao Yi sounded happy.

“Also, I have a small gift for you!”

Lin Yun was stunned for a moment before asking, “What gift”

Hearing Lin Yuns vigilant voice, Xiao Yi smiled again.

“Its just a bonus!”

“That hook-nosed man was afraid that he would be tortured too badly on the way, so he confessed everything.” Xiao Yi sneered.

“I got my subordinates to record everything.”

“Ill send you the recording later.

We wont care what you plan to do with it.”

When Lin Yun heard Xiao Yis words, her expression instantly changed.

From the initial wariness to the subsequent surprise and joy, it was simply unpredictable.

Lin Qian stood at the side and watched the change in Lin Yuns expression.

He couldnt help but sigh.

“A womans face is really… colorful!”

When Lin Yun heard Lin Qians teasing, she glared at him and ignored him.

When the two of them returned to the restaurant, they realized that Wang Qi had rushed over.

She was accompanying Pei Man and talking to her to calm her down.

Lin Qian walked to Lin Hans side and nudged him with his elbow.

“This person is very virtuous!”

Lin Han glared at Lin Qian and said, “Shes here to look for Xiao Yun.

Shes only helping to comfort Mom when she saw that something had happened at home!”

“Unlike you! You dragged your sister out to have a private conversation the moment you arrived!”

Lin Qian looked aggrieved.

“Im just worried about my sister! Isnt it good that I confirmed shes fine!”

Pei Man held Wang Qis hand and spoke for a long time before looking at the two arguing brothers.

“None of you are useful!”

“Dont stand in my way!”

“Your father cant cook for the next two days.

The both of you will have to come back and help in the kitchen!”

Pei Man skillfully instructed her two sons to work, but she did not let go of Wang Qis hand.

Lin Han and Lin Qian looked at each other.

They were already used to their mothers mentality of favoring daughters over sons.

The two of them lowered their heads and walked towards the restaurants kitchen.

Lin Yun sat opposite Pei Man and Wang Qi and asked, “Mom, I dont want to announce what happened today for the time being.

As for the other villagers…”

Pei Man looked at Lin Yun and nodded.

“Ill tell the villagers.

Theyve always listened to us.”

“But why didnt you let us call the police just now”

After those people left, Pei Man planned to call the police first before dealing with these things.

Lin Yun stopped Pei Man and told her not to act for the time being.

At that time, Pei Man felt that it was a little strange, but because Lin Ting was injured, Pei Man did not say anything.

“Its not that I dont want to call the police, but well call the police later,” Lin Yun said as she leaned forward.

Pei Man frowned and looked at Lin Yun, but she did not ask further.

She was just waiting for Lin Yun to speak.

Wang Qi also looked at Lin Yun in confusion, not understanding what Lin Yun planned to do.

“I just plan to call the police after everything is resolved,” Lin Yun said as she glanced outside the restaurant.

“Todays matter isnt as simple as it looks,” Lin Yun explained patiently.

Lin Yun thought for a moment and said, “I suspect that one of the groups today was sent by Lin Yu.”

After Lin Yun finished speaking, Pei Mans face was filled with shock.

“Are… are you serious”

Wang Qi didnt seem surprised at all.

“Shes really vicious!”

“No matter what, this is where she lives.

Shes actually willing to let someone come and destroy it!”

Lin Yun smiled.

“Her thoughts are much deeper than this!”

‘I dont think she expected another set of people to come and upset her, though.

“Then who sent the other group” Pei Man was even more curious.

“We didnt offend anyone!”

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