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Lin Yu gritted her teeth and picked up her phone to call Brother Qi.

She did not want Zhu Huan to know too much, so she sent Zhu Huan away before Brother Qi arrived.

“Xiao Yu, Ill stay and accompany you.

This place doesnt look very safe.” Although Zhu Huans body was stiff, she still offered her company.

Lin Yu glanced at Zhu Huan and said, “No need.

You can go back first.

I can do it here.

I saw that you were also frightened just now.

Go back and rest well.

Ill contact you later.”

After saying that, Lin Yu pushed Zhu Huan out.

Zhu Huan was about to say something when Lin Yu said seriously, “Be obedient! Otherwise, I wont let you come over next time!”

Lin Yus threat was the most effective.

Zhu Huan immediately shut up.

After Zhu Huan left, Lin Yu waited for another hour before Brother Qi drove over with a few lackeys.

As soon as he entered, Brother Qi sized up the small building and whistled.

“Not bad, Lin Yu.

This small building is worth tens of millions!”

Although Brother Qi was knowledgeable, Lin Yu did not feel that they were like-minded.

She crossed her arms in front of her chest and leaned against the door frame.

She tilted her head back slightly.

“Hes in the back.

Ill have to trouble Brother Qi to deal with him.”

Brother Qi snorted and gave his subordinates a look.

A few subordinates walked into the building and carried Eagle out.

The man that was carried out had weak legs and a drooping head.

He looked like he had yet to wake up.

Brother Qi kicked the man in the stomach and Eagle cried out in pain, as he stirred.

Brother Qi instructed his subordinates again, “Wake him up and ask him whats going on!”

The subordinates did not dare to delay and slapped Eagles face.

After a while, the mans face became red and swollen and he woke up in a daze.

The first thing Eagle said after waking up was, “F*ck! Who hit my face!”

As soon as Eagle finished speaking, he looked up and saw Brother Qi staring at him with big eyes.

Eagle gasped.

“Brother Qi, why are you here”

Brother Qi snorted coldly.

“I wanted to ask you why you are here!”

“Here” Eagle looked around and became even more confused.

“Where is this”

Brother Qi narrowed his eyes and asked again, “You dont have to care where we are! Just tell me what happened!”

Eagle was a little embarrassed by the question.

He pursed his lips and did not speak for a long time.

Brother Qi was furious.

Wasnt this guy clearly embarrassing him in front of Lin Yu! Now that he had fainted here, it meant this matter was definitely not done well!

Back then, Brother Qi had patted his chest and bragged to Lin Yu that the useless people in the fishing village could be dealt with in minutes!

Eagle saw Brother Qis ugly expression and immediately begged for mercy.

“Brother Qi, dont blame us! That family is not easy to deal with!”

“Besides, everyone in the fishing village is helping them!”

“Theres also a group of people…”

Eagles eyes suddenly lit up.

“Yes! Then another group of people came.

I fell into their trap!”

Eagle did not have the guts to say that he was injured by a woman.

He could only skirt around the main point and talk about the other group of people!

“Do you know who they are” Brother Qi immediately asked.

“Who sent those people Were they sent to protect those people in the fishing village”

Eagle listened to Brother Qis questions and thought for a while before shaking his head.

“It doesnt seem to be that family!”

“And those people seem to be targeting the family from the fishing village!”

“Its just that I fainted later.

I dont know what happened to that family afterward!”

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