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After passing through the small building in the front yard, there was a glass greenhouse with a small fountain on both sides.

A small pavilion was built beside one of the fountains.

It looked very comfortable and peaceful.

When Lin Yun walked over, she noticed many koi fish of various sizes in the fountain.

After crossing the glass greenhouse and the fountains, they arrived at a three-story building about ten meters away.

“Lets go! Pick a room you like!” Auntie Niu smiled and held Lin Yuns hand as they walked into the house.

Lin Yun looked at Lin Qian, whose face was already filled with fatigue.

Meanwhile, Uncle Niu had already carried their luggage on his shoulders and was walking briskly into the small building.

Lin Yun held back her laughter and said to Auntie Niu, “Auntie Niu, theres no hurry to choose a room.

Prepare something for us to eat first.

My second brother is… a little tired.”

Lin Qian looked at Lin Yun with a pitiful expression.

Auntie Niu clapped her hands and said, “Aiya, theres chicken stew on the pot! Go in and rest first.

The delicious food will be here soon!”

After Auntie Niu finished speaking, she turned around and walked towards the front building.

Uncle Niu turned around and looked at his wife, who was in a hurry.

He sighed helplessly.

“Slow down.

Dont fall!”

Auntie Niu waved her hand and said without looking back, “I know, I know! Stop nagging!”

Uncle Niu led Lin Yun and Lin Qian into the hall.

Compared to the first building, the building in the rear looked warmer and more comfortable.

Although the two buildings had similar architectural styles, the interiors were renovated differently.

The front building was more modern in style, with a tiled floor that looked more contemporary.

It was decked with clean off-white furniture and decorations.

The rear building was styled like a wood cottage, and its classic theme was more understated and prioritized comfort.

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