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The two of them passed by Lin Yun and pushed open the door of the restaurant without looking at her.

Lin Yun didnt mind.

After all, she was indeed a stranger to them.

Lin Yun followed the two of them into the restaurant.

She looked around but couldnt find Ji Rou.

It seemed Ji Rou had not arrived yet so Lin Yun found a seat and sat down first.

This private restaurant was not big, but there was a distance between the tables.

It did not feel crowded.

Lin Yun sat for a while and heard the two of them talking about the new Masked King program in the distance.

Their voices were not soft.

Lin Yun felt that they were eager to let others know that they were contestants.

After a while, the door opened again.

Lin Yun looked over and saw Ji Rou walking in and looking around.

She was about to extend her hand to greet her when she saw that Tian Yuan and Feng Si had already stood up to welcome her.

“Teacher Ji Rou, were really fated! You like this place too!” Tian Yuan said with a smile.

There was no surprise on her face, only joy.

Ji Rou did not seem to notice the two of them as she searched among the tables.

Feng Si also walked to the other side of Ji Rou and said, “Is Teacher Ji Rou meeting a friend or alone”

“If youre alone, why dont you come with us…”

Before Feng Si could finish speaking, Ji Rous eyes lit up and she waved in Lin Yuns direction.

Lin Yun also stood up and walked towards Ji Rou.

Ji Rou quickly stepped forward and said apologetically, “Im sorry, I was delayed by an annoying guy at the last minute.

Im late.”

Lin Yun shook her head and smiled.

She looked at the two people following closely behind Ji Rou and raised her eyebrows.

Ji Rou seemed to have just noticed their existence and frowned slightly.

“I have an appointment with a friend.

Help yourselves.”

Ji Rou had some impression of these two people.

She knew they should be the new Masked King contestants.

However, she wasnt close to any of the contestants, so she didnt say much to these two.

Ji Rou did not plan to let them affect her meeting with Lin Yun.

She had something very important to discuss with Lin Yun.

Lin Yun saw that the two of them looked like they wanted to catch up, but they seemed worried about antagonizing Ji Rou.

They looked embarrassed and conflicted.

She immediately found it funny.

Ji Rou looked at Lin Yuns strange expression and asked in confusion, “Whats wrong with you”

Lin Yun shook her head and led Ji Rou to sit down before asking, “How did you know that I came to the capital”

Ji Rou smiled and said, “You dont know yet, right Your second brother and I know each other.

I happened to have something to contact him about in the past two days, so I heard that you came to the capital too.”

“Ive been busy with trivial matters recently.

The songs we discussed previously havent been released!”

Lin Yun knew that Ji Rou must be looking for her because of the band.

The two collaborated to compose a song that was meant to be a surprise for her fans in the next seasons global tour.

However, ever since Ji Rou was pulled by Lin Qian to be a judge or mentor, coupled with the recent turmoil in Sea Citys business circle, she had no time to discuss the song with Lin Yun.

This dragged on until now.

The global tour would begin in two months but the song had yet to be finalized.

It was no wonder Ji Rou was anxious.

Seeing that Ji Rou was anxious, Lin Yun comforted her.

“Dont worry! Since were both in the capital, well naturally have more chances to meet.”

“Where do you live in the capital” Lin Yun suddenly thought of something and asked.

Ji Rou took the menu from the waiter and said casually, “The Ji Group has a hotel in the capital.

Im staying in a hotel now.”

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