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Chapter 430: Ill Buy It For You

“So what if shes the daughter of a rich family Shes so rude! Treating a public place as her own!”

“Thats right! Were all waiting in line here.

Why should she be welcomed in like a VIP”

Some people were very dissatisfied with Lin Yus behavior.

“His father is rich and his family is powerful.

Its normal to get some special treatment!” Lin Yus fans began to help her refute those criticisms.

“Whats more, didnt the boss come out personally to welcome them Why are there people being jealous over there!”

However, someone beside him retorted, “Arent you also waiting in line for a longer time because she suddenly joined! What are you so proud of!”

These words left that fan speechless.

For a moment, the crowd burst into laughter and discussion.

Ji Rou glanced at Lin Yun and shook her head.

“Ever since Lin Yu became the eldest daughter of the Lin family, shes become much more famous than you!”

Lin Yun pursed her lips and said self-deprecatingly, “I dont seem to know much about marketing.”

Ji Rou smiled and said, “I lost interest immediately.

Why dont we go somewhere else to eat”

With that, Ji Rou turned to leave.

Lin Yun grabbed Ji Rous arm and said, “Dont go! Were almost there!”

“Ive been eyeing that guitar for a long time! I must buy it today!”

Lin Yun looked determined, sweeping away Ji Rous bad mood from Lin Yu.

“Alright! Well keep waiting!” Ji Rou crossed her arms and continued to stand in the crowd, waiting quietly.

Lin Yu followed the boss into the shop.

There were already 30 to 40 customers in the shop.

“Young Master Tian, why didnt you inform me in advance that you were coming over today” The boss said to Tian Tian with a smile.

Tian Tian gestured in Lin Yus direction.

“This is the daughter of the Lin family in Sea City.

Shes interested in the things in your shop, so I brought her here to take a look.”

“Dont be negligent!”

“No, no!” The boss immediately turned to Lin Yu.

“I wonder what Miss Lin likes Ill get someone to bring it over!”

Lin Yu swept her gaze across the items in the shop and saw the guitar in the middle.

“That one! Lets take a look!” Lin Yu pointed at the guitar.

Seeing this, the boss was a little hesitant at first, but he gritted his teeth and said, “Please wait a moment.

Ill go get it now.”

“Gentlemen, please wait in the lounge,” the boss said and instructed the assistant to bring the two of them to a glass room at the side.

The boss personally walked to the guitar, looked at it, and took it off.

Holding the guitar in his hand, the boss quickly walked into the glass room.

“Miss Lin, please take a look,” the boss said as he placed the guitar on the stand in front of Lin Yu.

Lin Yu leaned forward and grabbed the guitar.

The boss moved his hands forward, wanting to hold the guitar.

He looked like he was worried that Lin Yu would drop the guitar.

Tian Tian looked a little unhappy.

“What do you mean by that”

“Miss Lin is an expert! Are you afraid that Miss Lin will break your lousy guitar!”

The boss immediately waved his hand and said, “No, no! Miss Lin, you can look at it however you like!”

Tian Tian snorted and turned to look at Lin Yu with a smile.

“Xiaoyu, if you like this guitar, Ill buy it for you!”

Lin Yu only looked up and down at the guitar but did not respond to Tian Tian.

After waiting for a while, Tian Tian felt bored.

He spread his hands on both sides of the sofa and sat there quietly looking at Lin Yu.

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