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Chapter 431: Get Something More Expensive!

The bosss heart rose and fell with Lin Yus actions.

Lin Yu flipped the guitar repeatedly.

The boss wanted to stop her a few times, but he didnt dare to be too obvious in front of Tian Tian.

Finally, Lin Yu had seen enough.

She placed the guitar on the piano stand and said, “Is there nothing better”

The boss was stunned for a moment as if he was surprised.

Seeing that the boss was hesitating, Tian Tian immediately snorted unhappily.

“Dont you understand human language Bring me something more expensive!”

The boss hesitated, not knowing what to say.

He could only sigh and say, “Ill go get it now!”

The boss quickly walked out of the glass room and was greeted by an assistant.

“Boss, the customers outside are all waiting to see our treasure!”

“Dont tell me the two of them booked it!” The assistant was clearly a veteran and said anxiously.

The boss shook his head and quickly walked to the center of the hall.

He placed the guitar in its original position.

“The two people inside didnt take a fancy to it!”

“What” The assistant looked at the boss in surprise, then glanced at the glass room.

“Are those two outsiders here to cause trouble”

“But I heard that Miss Lin is also from the industry!”

“Alright! Stop talking nonsense! Hurry up and get to work!” The boss ordered impatiently, “Go and take out the fanciest one from the storeroom!”

“Isnt that…” The assistant wanted to say something, but the boss pretended to slap him and chased him away.

The boss secretly looked back at the two people in the glass room.

Tian Tian was chatting with Lin Yu solicitously, clearly not taking what was happening outside seriously.

Lin Yun and Ji Rou stood in line outside and listened to the discussion in the crowd.

“Do you see the person beside Lin Yu just now He seems to be from the Tian family in the capital.”

“The Tian family is a famous old family in our capital.

The previous few generations were all prestigious families back then!”

“Could it be that the Lin family of Sea City is going to marry the Tian family of the Imperial Capital”

“But I heard that this lady from the Lin family held an engagement party with the Zheng familys young master, Zheng Yu”

“Aiya! Dont talk nonsense! Wasnt that engagement party ruined by that fake daughter of the Lin family and her biological parents”

“I heard that this matter has blown up in Sea City!”

“That fake daughter is really shameless.

And her biological parents! They must have refused to give up on Sea Citys Lin family and didnt want to let go of the marriage with the Zheng family!”

Ji Rou looked at Lin Yuns expression and saw that she was calm as if what those people were talking about had nothing to do with her.

Ji Rou couldnt help but admire such a good mentality.

“Sigh, I heard that this young master of the Tian family is related to the underground forces in the capital.

Hes not someone to be trifled with since he was young!”

“So what! The Tian family is rich and powerful! Even if he kills someone, someone will take the blame for him! Its not your place to worry!”

“Could it be that this Miss Lin is staying at the Tian familys house after coming to the capital… Then these two are really… Hehe…”

Seeing that someone had already started to gossip, some “knowledgeable people” came out to explain.

“Dont talk nonsense! Lin Yu is here to participate in the competition! Naturally, shes staying at the place arranged by the production team!”

“I heard that place is called Man Garden.

Its one of the top ten private residences in the capital!”

Lin Yun had heard Ji Rou mention the name Man Garden before and was not unfamiliar with it.

She did not expect the production team to spend so much money to arrange for them to stay in such a good place.

The group of people discussed animatedly.

Time passed quickly.

When Lin Yun and Ji Rou entered the shop, they saw Lin Yu and Tian Tian in the glass room from afar.

At this moment, there were already five guitars in different forms in front of the two of them.

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