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Chapter 433: Luo Feis Guitar

Nobody expected the real daughter to speak so carefully.

The fake daughter was actually so unreasonable!

A group of people who were defending Lin Yu walked over and criticized Lin Yun.

Tian Tian followed over, but when he saw Lin Yuns face, which was much more beautiful than Lin Yus, he immediately became quiet.

Lin Yun ignored the others reactions and stood there silently waiting for Lin Yus reply.

Lin Yu looked like she had been hurt by Lin Yun and said aggrievedly, “I just came to the capital and dont know anyone.”

“I naturally came to greet you when I saw you, but I didnt expect you to not want to see me.”

When Lin Yun heard Lin Yu calling out non-stop, she felt like there were thousands of birds circling above her head.

Finally, she couldnt take it anymore and exploded with all the emotions that she had been suppressing for the past few months.

“Im the only daughter of my parents.

I dont have a sister! You dont have to address me so kindly!”

“Miss Lin, were not familiar with each other, so Ill shop for my musical instruments and you can choose your luxury goods.

We wont delay each other, okay”

Hearing Lin Yun mention luxury goods, Ji Rou almost laughed out loud.

Lin Yun was right.

The guitars in the glass room could really be considered luxury goods!

Apart from their magnificent appearance, they also had high prices that did not match their value.

Such a product was indeed very suitable for a client like Lin Yu!

When Lin Yu heard Lin Yuns words, she knew that she was roasting her.

Lin Yus expression turned ugly and she didnt speak for a long time.

Tian Tian could also tell that Lin Yu was embarrassed.

Although he also wanted to befriend Lin Yun, he was a little indignant that he had yet to win over Lin Yu.

Therefore, Tian Tian stood up for Lin Yu.

“We have money.

So what if we buy some luxury goods!”

Hearing Tian Tiantians words, the onlookers could not help but laugh.

However, with a glare from Tian Tiantian, the laughter disappeared.

Lin Yun ignored Tian Tian and greeted the boss, “Boss, we want to buy…”

The boss immediately ran over.

Although he was afraid that Tian Tian would be angry, he could not let go of someone who really wanted to buy something.

When Lin Yu saw that Lin Yun had actually taken a fancy to the guitar before her, she immediately decided that no matter what it was, she would snatch it!

As soon as the boss stood still, Lin Yu said, “Boss, I want that guitar!”

As Lin Yu spoke, she pointed at the guitar that appeared to be Luo Feis.

The boss was stunned.

Lin Yun and Ji Rou looked at each other and did not speak.

Lin Yu had long seen Lin Yun and the person beside her muttering in front of this guitar.

Clearly, they wanted to buy this guitar!

Seeing the boss hesitate, Lin Yu urged, “Boss, dont you understand me I want that guitar!”

Seeing this, Lin Yun shrugged and said, “Then give it to her first! Im not in a hurry!”

Seeing Lin Yun say this, the boss immediately instructed the assistant to take down the guitar.

Many people around sighed and discussed the instrument that Lin Yu would choose.

Many people saw the guitar and wondered if it was Luo Feis.

The fact that Lin Yu chose this guitar proved that it was undoubtedly the guitar of the genius musician Luo Fei!

After carefully wrapping it, the boss placed the guitar beside Lin Yu.

However, things were not over yet.

Lin Yu bought the guitar but didnt leave.

Her eyes were still fixed on Lin Yun.

“Sister, dont you want this guitar”

Lin Yun replied without hesitation, “No!”

Hearing Lin Yuns answer, Lin Yu froze.

However, she did not show her surprise.

Instead, she smiled and said, “Sister, you dont have to say what you dont mean.

If you really like it, I can give it to you.”

“I know youve been using good things since you were young.

Its only right that I give you this guitar!”

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