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Chapter 434: Discount

Lin Yun only smiled and said to Lin Yu, “I didnt choose this guitar to begin with.

If you like it, Ill leave it for you!”

Lin Yus frown deepened, but she only smiled and said, “Sister, continue choosing.

Ill see if theres anything else I like.”

Hearing Lin Yus words, Lin Yun and Ji Rou almost suffered internal injuries.

Lin Yu thought that she had snatched Lin Yuns things, but Lin Yun didnt care.

Tian Tian praised Lin Yus good taste.

It was obvious that this guitar was the best in the shop!

Lin Yu was already furious.

At this moment, she held her breath and said to Tian Tian, “Young Master Tian, if theres nothing else, you can go back first!”

“We girls can shop together!”

Hearing that Lin Yu wanted to chase him away, Tian Tians expression turned ugly.

“Hey, Xiaoyu, we agreed that we still have to…”

Tian Tian wanted to say something but hesitated.

However, the surrounding people could not help but reveal ambiguous gazes.

Lin Yu naturally sensed the change in the others gazes and immediately glared at Tian Tian.

“Its my first time in the capital and Im not familiar with the environment here, so Ive troubled Young Master Tian to bring me here to buy some things.

Young Master Tian, dont think too much!”

However, Tian Tian was not repelled by Lin Yus words.

Instead, he smiled comfortingly and put his arm around Lin Yus shoulder.

He smiled and said, “I know, I know! Im just your guide!”

“Dont worry, Ill send you wherever you want to go!”

Lin Yu took a deep breath and shook off Tian Tians hand.

She said seriously, “Young Master Tian! Please show some respect!”

“You!” Tian Tiantians temper rose after being rejected repeatedly.

However, he blinked and suppressed his temper.

He had not gotten the little beauty yet.

He could not let his emotions affect him!

Tian Tian said happily, “Alright, alright! I respect you! Continue choosing! I wont disturb you!”

After saying that, Tian Tian retreated to the side and crossed his arms in front of his chest.

He leaned against the display rack by the wall, looking like he was waiting for Lin Yu.

Lin Yu snorted and turned to look at Lin Yun again.

Tian Tiantians gaze followed Lin Yu and moved to Lin Yun.

At this moment, Lin Yun had already followed Ji Rou to a guitar on the other side.

The two of them muttered for a long time.

Lin Yun pointed at the guitar.

However, just as they were talking, the boss instructed someone to take down the guitar.

After packing it, he handed it to Lin Yu.

Lin Yun turned around and looked at Lin Yu, only to see Lin Yu smiling triumphantly at her.

Lin Yun immediately felt that Lin Yus childishness was ridiculous.

Ji Rou couldnt help but touch Lin Yuns shoulder.

“Is that person going to fight you”

“Are the two of you really the same age Why do I feel that her behavior is like that of a primary school student!”

Lin Yun shrugged and said, “Dont you spend like this”

Ji Rou thought for a moment and said, “Other than the first half of the year when Big Brother sent me overseas to study, theres really no such situation.”

Lin Yun suddenly thought of something.

“Do you think we should ask the boss for a discount later”

“We helped his shop clear so much inventory.

He should be grateful to us!”

Ji Rou nodded and even started discussing seriously.

“I think we have to have a VVIP no matter what.

We have to get at least a 20% discount!”

“Thats right! Its settled! Ill ask the boss for the discount later!”

As she spoke, the boss instructed someone to put away the guitar that Lin Yun and Ji Rou were facing.

The two of them felt like crying.

“Is Lin Yu crazy How long does she plan to stay crazy” Ji Rou couldnt help but ask.

“Or is she going to buy all the guitars in this shop”

“Then wouldnt our trip be in vain!”

Lin Yun shook her head and said, “Ive already chosen one.

When shes tired of buying, well go over and take a look!”

“Youre really cunning!” Ji Rou couldnt help but praise.

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