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Chapter 436: An Exorbitant Price

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

When the boss returned, he saw Lin Yun and Lin Yu at daggers drawn.

The boss walked over with a case and opened it in front of the two of them.

Inside was a pure white guitar.

The handiwork was exquisite, and every detail was impeccable.

The strings had not been installed, and it was obvious that the final process had not been completed.

Ji Rou looked at the guitar and nudged Lin Yun.

“This guitar is not bad!”

Lin Yun nodded, clearly seeing that this guitar was expensive.

Lin Yu naturally couldnt tell if the guitar was good or bad, but she could tell from Lin Yuns expression if she was interested.

The other person kept her face covered with a hat and mask, but Lin Yu felt that she looked more and more familiar.

Lin Yun was about to ask when Lin Yu said to the boss, “How much is this guitar I want it!”

The boss was even more troubled.

“Miss Lin, this guitar cant be sold!”


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