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Chapter 437: Ugly Expression

Lin Yun and Ji Rou left the music shop in a daze.

She only remembered the boss asking one last question.

“This thing is a treasure.

Miss Lin, are you really not taking it away today”

According to the boss, the guitar was basically completed.

The man who ordered it said that Miss Lin had to be satisfied before he could execute the last step.

Now that Lin Yun saw the guitar but refused to take it away, the boss was at a loss.

Lin Yun was wondering if she should take the initiative to call and return the guitar.

Although this thing was nothing to Lu Chen, it was still expensive!

Ever since Ji Rou left the music shop, her face was filled with smiles.

The two of them walked more than a hundred meters away.

Ji Rou stopped and turned to face Lin Yun.

“Did you notice Lin Yus expression just now”

“Its so ugly she looked like she had eaten **!” Ji Rou couldnt help but laugh.

Although her relationship with Lin Yu was that of a master and disciple in the past, and she really shouldnt mock the other party, Lin Yus unreasonable behavior made her feel uncomfortable.

In the music industry, Ji Rou did not deliberately reveal her identity.

It was unclear if Lin Yu recognized her, but Lin Yu didnt say anything.

However, it was precisely this state that made Ji Rou feel at ease as a bystander and watch Lin Yu make a fool of herself.

Just now, when Lin Yu found out that the owner of the guitar was Lin Yun, her expression could almost be described as having experienced a tsunami!

Hearing Ji Rous slightly excited words, the corners of Lin Yuns mouth curled up slightly.

Indeed, she had made a mistake by not using her phone to record Lin Yus exaggerated expression.

“She actually grabbed the bosss arm and tried to confirm it repeatedly! She looked like a lunatic!” Ji Rou continued and couldnt help but recall the scene.

“If Young Master Tian hadnt rushed in to stop her, she might have asked the boss if he remembered the wrong name.

She would have insisted it wasnt Lin Yun but Lin Yu!”

Lin Yun shrugged.

She was already used to Lin Yus crazy behavior at that time.

Lin Yu was just too good at pretending in front of outsiders, so others thought that she had a gentle personality.

However, Ji Rou had interacted with her before and had some understanding of her temperament.

“In my opinion, she hasnt reached her limit yet!” Ji Rou clapped her hands hard and said, “You should have asked her on the spot if she wanted to buy that guitar!”

“I feel that if you had asked back then, she would have bought it without hesitation!”

Hearing Ji Rous words, Lin Yun raised her eyebrows and said, “She doesnt have that much money to squander.”

Lin Yun knew very well that Lin Cheng had begun to control Lin Yus pocket money.

Ever since Lin Yu returned to the Lin family, she started squandering money, buying all kinds of custom-made luxury goods and holding a few super luxurious banquets with those “good sisters”.

Although Lin Cheng still had supplementary cash flow from Wang Lan, he was probably short of money now…

“It doesnt matter if she doesnt have money! That Young Master Tian cant wait to pay for her!” Ji Rou said firmly.

Speaking of Young Master Tian, Lin Yun became a little worried.

Young Master Tian was clearly not easy to deal with.

Although Lin Yu had done many evil deeds and deserved retribution, if those dirty things happened under Lin Yuns nose, Lin Yun would find it difficult to accept this outcome.

“Are you worried about Lin Yu” Ji Rou could tell Lin Yuns mood and guessed.

Lin Yun didnt say anything, but she responded to Ji Rous guess in silence.

“Dont worry, that Young Master Tian is probably no longer interested in Lin Yu!” Ji Rou said in disdain.

“Didnt you see the expression on Young Master Tians face when he looked at Lin Yu later It was as if he had seen something dirty!”

Although that was the case, Lin Yun felt that Young Master Tian would not let the matter rest!

That being the case, Lin Yu asked for it.

Lin Yun didnt have any ability to help her now…

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