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Chapter 443: Entering the Lu Corporation

Lu Chen remained silent for a long time.

Ning Kun stood at the side anxiously, but he knew that it was not appropriate for him to speak at this time.

Lin Yun was not in a hurry to continue.

She only gently poured a cup of tea for Lu Chen and herself and waited for Lu Chens reaction.

Finally, Lu Chen said again, “Miss Lin, dont worry.

Im a businessman.

I have my own considerations about what kind of investment is worth doing.”

“Since Miss Lin doesnt intend to enter the entertainment industry, have you considered entering my company”

Seeing Lu Chen change the topic, Lin Yun secretly took a deep breath and replied, “Ive thought about this.”

“I hope to have a chance to enter CEO Lus company, but…” Lin Yun paused.” I hope CEO Lu can let me join the Lu Corporations biological research company.

Lu Chen raised his eyebrows slightly.

He did not expect Lin Yun to make this request.

“Miss Lin, arent you very interested in investments Arent you planning to enter the investment department of the Lu Corporation”

Lin Yun picked up the tea in front of her and took a sip before refusing.

“No! Im only interested in investment and dont intend to work in related industries.”

“I hope to enter the field of biological research as it matches the project Im doing now.”

“If CEO Lu needs my project records and research results, I can organize them and send them to you later.”

Lu Chen finally revealed a heartfelt smile again.

He also picked up the teacup and took a sip.

“This tea is not bad! What other skills does Miss Lin have that surprised me”

Lin Yun blushed when she heard Lu Chens teasing words.

“I just hope that my aspirations can be realized in a more promising company.”

“I hope CEO Lu can give me this chance.”

The corners of Lu Chens mouth curled up slightly.

Looking at Lin Yuns excited expression, he nodded and said, “I respect Miss Lins choice and am honored to be your choice.”

Lu Chens words had a deeper meaning, making Lin Yuns face turn red again.

Lin Yun cleared her throat and glanced at Ning Kun, who was watching the commotion at the side, before saying again, “Also, about what happened today, I still want to apologize to CEO Lu.”

“Also, I hope CEO Lu can keep my other identity a secret.”

Lu Chen looked at Lin Yun deeply, before raising his eyebrows and saying in disappointment, “It seems that Miss Lin is reminding me that todays conversation should end here”

“Thats not what I meant…” Lin Yun immediately retorted.

Lu Chen smiled and waved his hand, not letting Lin Yun explain further.

Lu Chens tone was a little reluctant as he said, “Its getting late.

I should indeed leave.”

“I hope I can still be invited by Miss Lin next time.”

“As for what happened today, Miss Lin, dont take it to heart.

Im very happy to be able to eat with your family.”

“Also, I will keep what you said a secret! Dont worry!” After Lu Chen finished speaking, he gestured for Ning Kun to push him away.

Ning Kun nodded at Lin Yun and expressed his gratitude.

“Thank you for your hospitality today, Miss Lin!”

After sending the two of them off, Lin Yun stood outside the door for a long time.

She didnt know if her choice was right, but working in the Lu Corporation was the only effective way to avoid Lin Chengs harassment.

Lin Yun had previously promised Lin Cheng that she would work in his company because she wanted to prevent Lin Yu from having the chance to come into contact with the Lin Corporations internal management.

After Old Master Wangs hospitalization, Lin Yun planned to enter the Lin Corporation and help Wang Qi withdraw all the Wang familys investments in the Lin Corporation.

Now that Lin Chengs son was back, there was no need for Lin Yun to personally enter the Lin Corporation.

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