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Chapter 444: “Caught red-handed”

Based on Lin Yuns understanding of Lin Cheng, Lin Cheng definitely didnt summon his son back at this time for family communication.

He would definitely let his son enter the Lin Corporation and control everything about the Lin Corporation.

Lin Cheng knew very well that Old Master Wang had already begun to take action.

If Lin Cheng didnt take action and the Wang family withdrew all their investments, the Lin Corporation would really be finished!

However, Lin Yun knew very well what her brother thought of the Lin Corporation.

He would definitely be able to help her resolve her problem with the Lin Corporation.

When Lin Yun returned to the back building, she realized that Pei Man was sitting on the sofa in the hall on the first floor and waiting for her.

“Mom, youre still awake” Lin Yun walked over obediently and sat down beside Pei Man.

“Xiao Yun, that CEO Lu looks very good! When did you know each other What stage are you at now” Pei Man held Lin Yuns hand and asked with concern.

Lin Yun had long expected Pei Man and the others to misunderstand, but now that they had been “caught red-handed”, Lin Yun could not explain.

She smiled bitterly and struggled one last time.

“CEO Lu and I are really just friends.”

“He helped me a lot before, so I wanted to invite him over for a meal.”

“Look, we came at the wrong time! We didnt inform you in advance! Dad and Mom will never do this again!” Pei Man blamed herself and promised not to make the same mistake.

Lin Yun immediately grabbed Pei Mans hand and said, “Mom, what are you talking about!”

Pei Man said happily, “Dont learn from your eldest brother and second brother.

Theyre already so old, but they havent brought a girl back for us to meet.”

Just as Lin Yun was thinking about how to respond, she heard Lin Qians voice from afar.

“Mom, how old is Xiao Yun Why are you urging her to get married Arent you afraid of scaring her!”

Pei Man glared at Lin Qian and scolded fiercely, “I cant count on my sons.

I can only count on Xiao Yun!”

“Why dont you be more sensible and bring a girlfriend back to meet me!”

Lin Qian naturally heard Pei Mans provocation.

He shrugged and walked up to the two of them.

“I have so many girlfriends.

I really dont know which one to bring back for you to see!”

“How about this Ill invite them all together one day and hold a ball for Mom to choose from the bevy.

How about that”

Pei Man rolled her eyes at Lin Qian and raised her fist to punch him.

“Youre so naughty every day! Dont lead your sister astray!”

“Go, go, go! Go do what you need to do!” Pei Man chased Lin Qian away without hesitation.

Lin Qian left with a cheeky smile.

His appearance of affectation made Lin Yun shake her head.

Lin Qian finally left, but Pei Man couldnt help but snort.

“Dont listen to your second brother! Hes the worst!”

“He doesnt even have a proper job! How dare he go around eating and drinking every day!”

Hearing Pei Mans disdainful words, Lin Yun couldnt help but feel aggrieved for Lin Qian.

He was a famous idol singer both domestically and abroad.

Although his true appearance had never been discovered by the outside world, it did not change the fact that he had a group of fans who were obsessed with him and treated him as Prince Charming every day.

If those fans knew that the superstar in their hearts was a prodigal son in their mothers eyes, they would probably be heartbroken!

Although Pei Man asked warmly, Lin Yun refused to admit that she had any special relationship with Lu Chen.

Pei Man had no choice but to release Lin Yun and let her return to her room alone.

Lin Yun finally heaved a sigh of relief.

Just as she was about to relax, she saw a message on her phone.

“Xiao Yun, Im back.”

A simple message made Lin Yun instantly excited.

She picked up the phone and was about to call when she realized that it was already past 10 p.m.

“Welcome back.” Lin Yun pressed the send button and walked to her room.

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