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Chapter 445: Man Garden

Chen Xiangs words were too unpleasant.

Tong Yue couldnt stand it anymore and retorted on Mo Raos behalf, “Chen Xiang, dont speak so harshly! Fu Ying was the one who let Mo Rao down first!”

“Tsk, so what This doesnt change the fact that Mo Rao is a divorced woman.” Chen Xiang said bluntly, “Besides, how do you know that Mo Rao didnt do anything to let Fu Ying down Tong Yue, you cant listen to just one persons one-sided story.”

“You!” Tong Yue wanted to retort, but Mo Rao stopped her.

Mo Rao didnt know why Chen Xiang was so hostile to her, but she couldnt be bothered to argue with her.

She only said nonchalantly, “No one has stipulated that divorced women cant enter the entertainment industry, right Compared to me being divorced, the audience probably dislikes you acting stuck up even more.”

When she heard Mo Rao say this, Chen Xiangs expression changed.

“How am I acting stuck up It was clearly the hairstylist who was in the wrong first!” Chen Xiang hurriedly defended herself.

Mo Rao stood up and picked up the script.

Before leaving the dressing room, she didnt forget to say to Chen Xiang, “Youd better put on your makeup quickly.

Be careful not to anger the director.”

With that, she left with Tong Yue.

Chen Xiang glared at Mo Raos back as she roared, “Mo Rao, just you wait!”

Facing Chen Xiangs provocation, Mo Rao wasnt fazed at all.

She didnt even stop.

At this moment, Jia Li was as anxious as a cat on a hot tin roof.

Seeing Mo Rao and Tong Yue come over, Jia Li came over and asked, “Is that princess done with her makeup”

“Not yet, and she was rude to Sister Mo Rao,” Tong Yue pursed her lips and said angrily.

Jia Li sighed helplessly.

“Sigh, I dont want to give the second female lead role to her, but Chen Xiangs acting skills are not bad.

Moreover, she has the Chen family backing her.

The Chen family is also a big investor in the film and television industry.

I cant offend them.”

Mo Rao finally understood what Tong Yue had said to her.

Ever since Mo Rao entered the entertainment industry, things had been quite smooth-sailing for her.

However, relying on ones backer to get resources was common in the entertainment industry.

Chen Xiang was probably able to enter the production team ofButterfly Fragrance because of the Chen familys support.

“Just bear with it for now.

If she goes too far, Ill fire her.” Jia Li clearly didnt like Chen Xiang.

Mo Rao didnt mind, since she had experienced all kinds of ordeals.

A woman like Chen Xiang, who had all her emotions written on her face, wasnt that scary.

The male lead, Xiao Yan, and the second male lead, Peng Fei, were already preparing to start filming.

When they saw Mo Rao, Xiao Yan greeted her gregariously, “Mo Rao, we meet again.”

Mo Rao smiled at Xiao Yan amiably.

Tong Yue, who was standing beside Mo Rao, lowered her eyes and felt a little embarrassed.

“Youre Tong Yue, right” Before Tong Yue could take the initiative to greet him, Xiao Yan greeted her first.

Tong Yue didnt expect Xiao Yan to know her.

Her face blushed as she nodded and said, “Thats right, its me! I didnt expect you to know me.”

Xiao Yan looked at Tong Yue with admiration and said, “Ive seen your acting before.

Although you were a small character, you performed very well.

Good luck.

I think highly of you.”

Tong Yue was overjoyed to receive Xiao Yans praise.

She thought that she was a nobody in the entertainment industry, but she didnt expect to be praised by an outstanding senior like Xiao Yan.

“Thank you, Senior!” Tong Yue bowed to Xiao Yan and said sincerely, “I like you very much too! Ive watched the movies and dramas you acted in many times and you gave me a lot of inspiration!”

As Mo Rao watched Tong Yue and Xiao Yans interaction, she realized Tong Yues feelings for Xiao Yan.

She could tell from the look in Tong Yues eyes that she liked Xiao Yan.

Even if Tong Yue didnt say it, Mo Rao knew.

Compared to them, Peng Fei, who was playing the second male lead, was obviously much less talkative.

He only watched and smiled from the side, like a shy boy.

The filming of the movie hadnt officially started yet, so the four of them chatted at the side and laughter sounded from time to time.

“Why dont we film the first scene first” Jia Li was getting impatient from waiting and decided to ignore Chen Xiang for now.

Mo Rao and Xiao Yan agreed.

Jia Li immediately got all the workers to prepare and started filming the scene of the female lead and male lead meeting.

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