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Chapter 446: Something Happened

Auntie Niu sighed helplessly and pulled Lin Yun into the back building.

Auntie Niu held Lin Yuns arm with one hand and brought her suitcase back to her room with the other.

“This garden was originally called Man Garden, but a while ago, your mother specially instructed me to change the name of this place to Yun Garden.”

“This sign and stone tablet are new.

The procedures for the name change have just been completed!”

The corners of Lin Yuns mouth twitched.

After a while, she laughed dryly.

“Then my destination… is here”

“Isnt that good! Its comfortable to live in your own home!” Aunt Niu said happily, not noticing the strange expression on Lin Yuns face.

Lin Yun thought for a moment before saying to Auntie Niu, “Auntie Niu, go ahead.

I still have something to deal with.”

Auntie Niu glanced at Lin Yun and asked, “Dont you need my help”

“No need!” Lin Yun said firmly.

Auntie Niu could only say, “Call me if theres anything.” Then, she quickly left.

Lin Yun sat on the chair and was at a loss.

She never expected the production team to choose her residence! How could she hide her identity in this case

Just as Lin Yun was feeling worried, she received a call from Lin Qian.

“Xiao Yun, good news! Our production team rented your place! Ji Rou and I dont have to move!”

The corners of Lin Yuns mouth twitched as she chuckled.

“Ah, its good news!”

This good news was not good for her!

“Whats wrong Arent you happy” Lin Qian asked curiously.

“Or are you not welcoming us to stay there”

Hearing Lin Qians slightly depressed tone, Lin Yun immediately perked up.

“No! I welcome you!”

“Then well go back later before the production team arrives! To avoid bumping into those contestants!”

After Lin Yun hung up, she sat there in a daze.

Suddenly, Lin Yun stood up.

“No! I cant be exposed!”

She picked up the phone and called Lu Chen.

“CEO Lu, I hope you can help me…”

“Wow! This garden is so big!” Tian Yuan pushed her suitcase and stood at the door.

She couldnt help but exclaim.

Feng Si, who was beside her, was also surprised.

“I thought the production team would choose a random place!”

“That dormitory last time made me want to vomit!” Feng Si said with an even more disdainful expression.

Tian Yuan pushed her luggage through the door.

“This time, we need a good environment for staging the competition.

How can they just choose a random place!”

The two of them quickly walked in.

Behind them, a few contestants were also looking excitedly at the garden in front of them.

Jiang Juans performance in the previous competition was not bad.

Although she was still alone, there were a few contestants who expressed their goodwill to her.

The few male contestants who advanced stayed far away from those girls, not wanting to be involved in their battle.

This was originally a singing competition but had evolved into a palace battle.

The remaining male contestants did not dare to get too close to any female contestants for the sake of safety.

The production team had already entered the garden and decorated the venue.

In order not to affect the owners life, the production team specially set up a huge screen between the front and backyard to avoid disturbing each other.

Lin Yun was very satisfied with this move.

After all, wouldnt it disturb her peace if those people were to barge in

This time, the production team had to record the preparations and competition process in the garden.

It would take about a week.

In order not to be discovered, Lin Yun instructed Auntie Niu not to let those people step into the backyard.

Auntie Niu made a prompt decision and locked the door of the front building on the other side of the screen to prevent those people from barging in by mistake.

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