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Chapter 448: Creating Trouble

The contestants arrived one by one.

They gathered together and chatted, while others organized their things.

When Ding Ning arrived at the scene, the contestants who were admiring the flowers and plants in the front yard immediately stood obediently at the side and greeted Ding Ning respectfully.

Ding Ning nodded and quickly walked towards the front building.

When she walked into the front building, she heard someone chattering and arguing.

She frowned and gestured to her assistant.

The assistant immediately understood and walked towards the noisy room.

After a while, the contestants obediently came out to greet Ding Ning.

When Lin Yun dragged her luggage in, she saw the contestants standing obediently in front of Ding Ning, the “Director of Studies” who lectured misbehaving students.

Lin Yun walked to Ding Nings side and greeted her before walking toward her room.

Because the room for every contestant had already confirmed, Auntie Niu even specially marked the door.

Lin Yun quickly found her room.

It was the last room on the second floor of the front building.

The room was in a remote location.

The door was facing a decorative wall, saving Lin Yun a lot of unnecessary trouble.

It seemed that CEO Lus arrangements were very sincere.

Lin Yun pushed her luggage into the room, but to her surprise, there was another person inside.

Han Fang smiled when she saw Ming Yi.

“Ming Yi, long time no see!”

Under the veil, Lin Yun revealed a trace of impatience.

Her tone was perfunctory.

“Yes! Long time no see!”

“Why are you in my room” Lin Yun didnt intend to continue with the pleasantries and went straight to the point.

“Eh Is this your room I didnt know!” Han Fang asked in surprise.

“At least, this isnt your room,” Lin Yun said bluntly.

“Please leave.”

Han Fang raised her eyebrows.

She was no longer as cautious as when they first met.

“Ive been feeling unwell recently and need a quieter room to recuperate.”

“This room is the quietest and most suitable for me.”

“Why dont we discuss it with the production team and change rooms”

Han Fangs obvious provocation did not anger Lin Yun.

Lin Yun only said indifferently, “If youre sick, go find a doctor.

This room cant treat your illness.”

“If you want to change rooms, go and discuss with the production team yourself.

This room is mine now.

Please leave!”

“You!” Seeing that her words did not affect Lin Yun, Han Fang could only secretly hold her breath and say, “Since youre so unreasonable, Ill look for the production team myself!”

With that, Han Fang left angrily.

Lin Yun watched as Han Fang walked out of the door and closed it.

She turned around and said in a low voice, “Youre crazy!”

Han Fang, who was “sick”, went to the production team aggrievedly to ask for a change of room.

Coincidentally, Ding Ning came over to instruct her.

“Whats your problem” Ding Ning was tall, to begin with, so she looked down at Han Fang.

Under Ding Ning strongs aura, Han Fang froze for a moment and did not know what to say.

“If you have something to say, just say it! If not, get out! Why are you here!” Ding Ning frowned and her expression a little impatient.

She hated these contestants who were bent on causing trouble and never helped.

She did not know where these chattering fellows came from, but none of them could make her worry less!

After being exposed by Ding Ning, Han Fang was even more stunned and did not dare to say anything.

Seeing that Ding Nings gaze was getting sharper and sharper, Han Fang blinked and thought for a long time before suddenly remembering her purpose for coming here.

“Sister Ding, I want to change rooms!”

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