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450 Tian Tian as a Backer

Lin Yus high-end dress revealed her beautiful figure.

At the neckline was a diamond pendant that was half the size of a palm.

It could instantly attract everyones attention.

Even if Lin Yun stood on the second floor, she could clearly see the light reflected by the pendant.

Tian Tian walked beside Lin Yun, looking like a hooligan.

Lin Yun found it difficult to understand.

The Tian family had at least a hundred years of foundation.

How did they give birth to a strange thing such as Tian Tian

However, speaking of Tian Tian, there were many guesses about his background.

Lin Yun had never been interested in those rumors, but after seeing Tian Tian twice with her own eyes, Lin Yun even felt that those rumors were not groundless.

As Tian Tian walked in, he shook his head and said, “This place is not bad.

Xiaoyu, if you like it, Ill buy it for you later!”

Lin Yu didnt answer this.

Instead, she persuaded Tian Tian to go back.

“Young Master Tian, since Ive already arrived at the gathering place, you can go back first!”

Tian Tian was unwilling to return empty-handed.

He had been entertaining this beauty at home for a few days, but in the end, he had brought her to the production team without even getting a chance to kiss her.

It was really a loss!

He wanted to use this opportunity to let these people know that this little beauty was under his protection and make those ignorant people stay away.

However, he did not see any reporters or media.

It was really a waste of his kindness!

Soon, a staff member walked out.

Seeing that the other party was actually the impressive young master of the Tian family, the staff could only treat him nicely, since he was afraid that he would offend this master who might people to smash the venue.

It had to be known that Tian Tian had the title of “Demon King of Confusion” in the capital.

He was a guy who dared to hit his own father!

If not for the Tian familys deep foundation in the capital, this master would have been jailed dozens of times!

The staff communicated with Tian Tian.

Tian Tian was quite smart.

He said to the staff, “I heard that Miss Lin Yu is participating in the recording of the show here, so I got someone to prepare some gifts and bring them over.

Take them as gifts for the production teams staff and contestants!”

As Tian Tian spoke, a few staff members moved a few boxes down from a car at the back.

Tian Tians actions surprised and troubled the production team.

Just as they were at a loss of what to do, Ding Ning walked out.

She glanced at the boxes and then at Lin Yu before saying, “Lin Yu is here to participate in the competition.

Lets talk about these gifts and favors after the competition! Im sure Young Master Tian doesnt want Lin Yu to have the reputation that she obtained good results by giving gifts!”

Tian Tian was a little unhappy after hearing Ding Nings words.

Lin Yu immediately persuaded, “Young Master Tian, Sister Ding is right.

Im here to participate in the competition.

Everything has to be fair!”

“Although some mentors and judges favor certain contestants, thats also considered personal.

I dont want to leave a bad reputation.”

Hearing Lin Yus words, Tian Tian immediately understood something.

“Your competition isnt very fair! If theres a contestant favored by the mentors and judges, wouldnt there be something fishy about the results of the competition!”

Ding Ning secretly took a deep breath and did not let herself curse.

She first glanced at Lin Yu before gritting her teeth and saying, “Everyone will have their preferences.

These things wont affect their judgment during the guidance and refereeing process.”

“We also hope to show everyone the most realistic competition process and outcome.”

“Therefore, I hope that all the contestants can straighten their minds and not resort to such nonsense!”

Lin Yu lowered her eyes and didnt continue.

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