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451 Here to Take a Look

Tian Tian was about to say something when he heard a car stop behind him.

The few people standing at the door looked in the direction of the voice and saw Ning Hao get out of the car.

Ding Ning went forward.

“Assistant Ning, why are you here”

Ning Hao nodded and walked towards Tian Tian first.

“Young Master Tian, why do you have time to come over Are you here to watch the competition”

“I might disappoint you.”

“Our competition will be closed for recording.

We cant invite you over to take a look.”

Tian Tian naturally knew Ning Hao.

This guy who had been following Fu Heng was not easy to deal with.

Tian Tian snorted and said, “Im just here to send Xiaoyu to participate in the competition and give your staff and contestants some gifts.”

“After all, everyone has worked hard and lives in an unfamiliar environment.

I want everyone to be happy.”

“Who knew that your person-in-charge doesnt know how to appreciate the kindness!”

Ding Ning went forward and was about to explain when Ning Hao stopped her.

“Young Master Tian is too polite!”

“Since its Young Master Tians kind intentions, let the staff arrange for it to be given to everyone!”

Ding Ning held her breath and could only instruct her assistant to do as Ning Hao instructed.

She could disobey Tian Tian, but not Ning Hao.

When Tian Tian saw this scene, the corners of his mouth twitched.

He said disdainfully, “Your words are effective.”

Ning Hao still had a businesslike attitude.

“Since Young Master Tian has already done what he wants to do, should I send you out”

Tian Tian glanced at Ning Hao and sneered.

“Alright! Ill leave!”

As Tian Tian spoke, he waved at Lin Yu.

“Xiaoyu, Ill pick you up after the competition ends!”

Lin Yu smiled at Tian Tian and bowed slightly before watching him leave.

Ding Ning looked at Lin Yu and her expression turned even uglier.

Ning Hao sent Tian Tian out before returning to the front hall.

Ding Ning welcomed Ning Hao and asked, “Assistant Ning, why are you here today”

“CEO Fu said that CEO Lu will also come to watch the competition over the next few days.

After you arrange the venue, remember to leave a place for CEO Lu to rest.” Ning Hao said casually, making Ding Ning jump.

“CEO Lu is coming But he… ” Ding Ning didnt know how to react for a while.

The entertainment company had been established for several years.

As the big boss behind the scenes, CEO Lu had never cared about any activities of the company.

CEO Lu had never even seen a spokesperson chosen by the company.

Why did he have to come and watch this recorded competition at this time

Ding Ning really couldnt understand CEO Lus thoughts and could only ask Ning Hao, “Assistant Ning, is CEO Lu dissatisfied with our competition arrangements this time”

“No,” Ning Hao replied simply.

“Do what you have to do.”

“CEO Lu is just here to take a look.”

“In addition, its inconvenient for CEO Lu to move around.

The room facilities have to be prepared.”

Although Ding Ning was nervous, she could only bite the bullet and agree.

“Assistant Ning, will CEO Fu come over” Ding Ning asked again.

She wanted to understand the leaders thoughts so that she could make arrangements.

“CEO Fu wont be coming over.

He will stay in the hotel that was originally booked.

You dont have to worry about that.” Ning Hao saw Ding Nings nervousness and said, “Try to keep CEO Lus visit a secret.”

“The filming this time is completely closed those outside of the company.

No news will spread before its broadcast.” Ding Ning was very confident.

“Also, theres a side building in the front building.

Ill discuss with the owner here and arrange for CEO Lu to stay in the side building.

He shouldnt be disturbed.” Ding Ning thought for a moment and was glad that she had asked for the blueprint of the garden building early on.

“Yes! Just make the arrangements!” After Ning Hao finished speaking, he glanced at the room in the corner on the second floor and turned to leave.

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