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Wang Lan hurriedly rushed to where Lin Yu and Ling Na had fallen.

Lin Yu and Ling Na fell to the ground, their faces filled with pain.

Seeing this, Wang Lan glared at Lin Yun angrily.

“What did you do”

Lin Yuns face was pale as she pressed her hand tightly on her arm.

Ling Na gritted her teeth and pointed at Lin Yun.

“Its her! She pushed me and bumped into Lin Yu!”

Lin Yu lowered her head and didnt say anything, but she looked very uncomfortable.

Wang Lan quickly walked to Ling Nas side and reached out to help her up.

The Ling family was not someone the Lin family could afford to offend.

Not to mention that Ling Na was injured in the Lin family, it would be difficult for the Lin family to explain.

Just as Wang Lan approached Ling Na, Ling Na suddenly screamed, “Dont touch me!”

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Wang Lan was shocked and stood there awkwardly with her back bent.

Ling Na gripped her wrist tightly, her expression turning even uglier.

“My wrist is broken!”

“My wrist is broken!” Ling Na shouted even louder, sounding hoarse.

Wang Lan stood rooted to the ground and panicked.

Lin Yus gaze swept past Ling Nas wrist.

Her lowered gaze moved, but she didnt move.

Ni Tang and the other two stood at the side.

Seeing this, they looked at each other and quickly surrounded Ling Na.

“Ling Na! Are you alright” Ni Tang squatted down to check on Ling Nas injuries.

However, Ling Na held her wrist and refused to let the others check.

Mimi stood to the side, not daring to move forward, afraid that she would accidentally aggravate Ling Nas “injury.”

Li Ting glanced at Ling Nas wrist, then turned to Lin Yun and said, “Its all your fault! You broke Ling Nas wrist!”

Lin Yun leaned against the wall and watched the group of people put on a good show.

She could not help but smile.

“Is it broken Then get a doctor to take a look!” Lin Yun said unhurriedly.

“Look at Ling Na.

Shes in so much pain.

How can you still smile!” Li Ting glared at Lin Yun, her tone filled with anger.

Lin Yun sneered and said, “Lets go to the city center hospital! Lets go!”

Ling Na screamed, “I dont want to go to your lousy hospital! I want to go to our Ling familys own hospital!”

Lin Yun raised her eyebrows slightly.

She knew what Ling Na was planning.

However, Wang Lan was oblivious.

Her mind was filled with the thought that nothing could happen to Ling Na.

She immediately called out, “Butler Lin! Go and invite Doctor Fang over!”

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Fang Heng was a friend of the Lin family and also their private doctor.

When the Fang family was at its peak, they were still the benefactors of the Lin family.

However, Fang Heng was focused on his pursuit of medicine and did not care much about the family business.

With no successor, the Fang family gradually declined.

Back then, Lin Cheng had invited Fang Heng to stay in a residence near the Lin family and specially designed a laboratory for him to do medical experiments.

Fang Heng was not interested in anything other than medicine, so he did not reject Lin Chengs good intentions.

Hearing that Wang Lan wanted to invite Fang Heng over, Ling Nas expression turned even uglier.

She stood up angrily, pushed Mimi away with her shoulder, and was about to walk out.

“None of the people from the Lin family are good! I dont want to stay here anymore!” Ling Na said as she walked out angrily.

Wang Lan was afraid that something would happen to Ling Na if she went out like this, so she quickly called for the servants to stop Ling Na.

Ling Nas expression turned even uglier when she saw that someone actually dared to stand in front of her.

“What do you mean!”

Wang Lan walked forward and reached out to support Ling Na, but she was afraid of hurting her.

After a moment of silence, Wang Lan said, “Ling Na, dont be anxious.

Doctor Fang will be here soon.

Let him take a look at your injuries before we go to the hospital.”

“I dont want to! I dont know where those doctors came from.

I dont want them to touch me!” Ling Na refused even louder.

Lin Yun chuckled as she looked at Ling Na.

“Doctor Fang is a famous doctor both domestically and abroad.

Hes a true orthopedic doctor.”

“Since your wrist is broken, he should be able to know what happened after touching it!”

Hearing Lin Yuns words, Ling Nas expression became even uglier.

“No! Let me out! How dare you restrict my personal freedom”

While they were arguing, Doctor Fang had been invited over.

“Miss Ling, let me check your injuries,” Doctor Fang said as he extended his hand to Ling Na.


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