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452 Lin Qians Gift

The staff of the team were so busy that they were confused.

Ding Ning also urgently arranged for someone to clean the room on the second floor of the side building because of Lu Chens sudden arrival.

The front building was composed of the main building and the side building.

There was a short corridor as well as two doors in the middle.

Auntie Niu and the others lived on the first floor of the side building.

Initially, the production team rented all the rooms in the front building.

They had agreed not to use the side building to avoid disturbing Auntie Niu and the others.

The contestants lived on the first and second floors of the main building, while the third floor was reserved for the judges and staff.

But now that CEO Lu was coming, she couldnt let him stay with those contestants!

Ding Ning had no choice but to discuss with Auntie Niu and about renting the room on the second floor of the side building.

Unexpectedly, Auntie Niu agreed without a word, as if she had known that this would happen.

Since the room was ready, the mission would be completed if she got the staff to prepare some daily necessities according to the details Ning Hao had left behind.

Ding Ning was already in a frustrated mood.

The boxes that Tian Tian had instructed people to leave behind were placed in the temporary office and were an eyesore to her, making her feel even more uncomfortable.

Ding Ning got someone to move the box away.

After preparing it at night, she distributed everything in the box so that it would not keep occupying space.

Lin Yun sat in the room and looked at the black gown set that Auntie Niu had just sent over.

She couldnt help but find it funny.

Her second brother was really inventive.

He actually got someone to customize a black gown set for her.

Not only that, Lin Qian even specially made a mask and placed it in the gown box.

The moment Lin Yun saw the mask, she was stunned.

Wasnt this the same mask that Lin Qian used

No, it was different!

Lin Qians mask was mainly white and covered with luxurious accessories.

He looked a little like a noble wearing it.

As for the mask in front of Lin Yun, was made of pure black material although the style was similar.

Even the starry decorations on it were mainly black and silver.

Most importantly, above the right eyebrow of the mask, a silver-winged butterfly complemented Lin Yuns previous outfit.

Lin Yun couldnt help but smile.

It seemed like it wasnt a bad thing to reveal her trump card to Second Brother!

After hanging the gown in the wardrobe, Lin Yun placed the mask in the original gift box and left it on the table.

“Hey, did you see Young Master Tian who sent Lin Yu here just now Thats the future successor of the Tian family!” Tian Yuan lowered her voice and said to Feng Si, who was in the same room.

“In my opinion, the final winner of this competition will definitely be Lin Yu!” Feng Si couldnt help but sigh as she organized her things.

“Thats right! With Young Master Tians background, Lin Yu will definitely get first place! Otherwise, the production team wont know how to explain it to the Tian family!” Tian Yuan sighed.

“I thought I finally had a chance to stand out this time, but I didnt expect to meet Lin Yu with such a strong background!”

“Forget it!” Feng Si couldnt help but expose Tian Yuans beautiful dream.

“Can you even compare to Jiang Juan in terms of strength Moreover, theres Ming Yi!”

“That strange person Ming Yi… I think she will definitely be eliminated in the end!” Tian Yuan said firmly.

“Why” Feng Si asked curiously.

Looking at Tian Yuan, she seemed to know something.

“She offended someone she shouldnt have provoked.

She will definitely be chased out early!” Tian Yuan raised her chin slightly, looking like she was waiting to watch a good show.

“Eh Theres such a thing Who did she offend Tell me quickly!” Feng Si pulled Tian Yuan to tell her what she knew.

Tian Yuans face was filled with smiles, but her eyes were filled with schemes.

“This is the case…”

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