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453 Lu Chen Arrives

“Sigh, were really pitiful! Look at how the top three can each have a room.

Look at us…” Han Fang said to her new roommate, Fang Qian.

Fang Qian ignored Han Fang and tidied her things.

Han Fang felt bored and lay on her bed.

“I havent been feeling well these past few days.

My cough might affect your sleep at night.

If you mind, you can tell the production team and ask them to change rooms.”

Fang Qian glanced back at Han Fang in the makeup mirror and said, “If youre not feeling well, rest well.”

“Arent you worried that Ill affect your rest and cause you to not be able to score well” Han Fang frowned, a little dissatisfied with Fang Qians unreasonable answer.

“The top three are determined by true ability.

I have to accept my fate since I dont have the ability,” Fang Qian said meaningfully.

“Im not like some people who dont have the ability but insist on harboring thoughts about others!”

“You!” Han Fang was furious, then sneered.

“You only have this little ability to ridicule me here!”

Fang Qian put on her lipstick and stood up to walk out of the room.

“At least its better than some people who dont even have this ability!”

“Ill go out first.

I wont disturb your rest.”

With that, Fang Qian pushed open the door and walked out.

Han Fang was so angry that she jumped up from the bed.

“All of you look down on me! When I win the competition, Brother Lin Qian will definitely look at me in a different light! At that time, Ill make all of you kowtow and admit your mistakes!”

Fang Qian stood at the door and raised her eyebrows when she heard Han Fangs angry roar.

Her face was filled with disdain.

“There are really all kinds of lunatics!”

In the evening, the production team packed up everything and gathered all the staff and contestants for a meeting in the original game room on the first floor before dinner.

While everyone was in a meeting, Lu Chens car quietly stopped at the entrance of Man Garden.

“CEO Lu, were here again,” Ning Kun said in amusement.

Lu Chen glanced at the familiar scene in front of him and immediately had an inexplicable feeling.

Ning Kun got out of the car and came to Lu Chens side.

Then, he lowered his voice and asked, “CEO Lu, how much longer are you going to act”

Lu Chen raised his eyebrows and glared at Ning Kun unhappily.

Ning Kun immediately shut up and helped Lu Chen into the wheelchair.

“Alright! Thats the arrangement for the next few days! I hope all the contestants can perform well in the next few days!” Assistant Director Jia Lin said and led everyone to applaud.

Ding Ning sat at the side and clapped perfunctorily.

Ding Ning was more or less resistant to Jia Lin, the assistant director who had joined at the last minute.

Jia Lins eyes swept across the actors before landing on Ding Ning.

Lin Yun looked at Jia Lin strangely.

She felt that Jia Lin looked familiar, but the person in her impression didnt seem to look like this.

Lin Yun immediately felt her head swell.

Recently, she would always have such a situation.

When she suddenly saw someone familiar, she would feel that she was different from the person in her memory.

This feeling confused and tired Lin Yun.

She sighed softly and looked around, trying to relax.

Unexpectedly, she saw Lin Qian looking in her direction with a mask on and giving her a thumbs up.

Lin Yun really didnt know what to say about her second brothers childish actions.

She shrugged and nodded at Lin Qian in response.

Ji Rou looked at Lin Qian strangely and then at Ming Yi, not understanding when the two of them became so familiar.


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