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454 Lu Chens Strange Behavior

Lin Yu also noticed their interaction and gritted her teeth.

The last time, she didnt test if Lin Qian was her second brother, but she felt that they were the same person!

This time, she had to find an opportunity to pull off Lin Qians mask and see if her guess was right!

As for Ming Yi…

Lin Yu gritted her teeth and said to herself, “Ming Yi, just wait.

Lets see if I wont let you leave here with your face covered in the dust this time!

Lin Yun felt Lin Yus gaze and turned to look at her.

Lin Yu didnt have time to retract her resentful gaze.

She didnt hide it and stared straight at Ming Yi.

Lin Yun turned around and couldnt be bothered by that dim-witted fellow.

If Lin Yu planned to use any tricks here, she could go ahead!

After all, Lin Yun had the final say in this place!

After dinner, Lin Yun was about to take a shower when she received a call from Lu Chen.

“CEO Lu Whats the matter so late” Lin Yun asked curiously.

“Miss Lin, are you resting so early The moon is so beautiful today.

Dont you want to come out and take a look” Lu Chens voice was faint and sounded like he was just chatting.

Lin Yun subconsciously walked to the window and looked at the white moon outside.

It was indeed beautiful.

“CEO Lu is in a good mood today.” Lin Yun chuckled.

She did not expect Lu Chen to invite her to admire the moon.

“Im very happy.

I feel like Ive closed the distance between us again,” Lu Chen said softly.

His voice seemed to be beside Lin Yun.

Lin Yun frowned slightly and subconsciously looked around her.

She felt that Lu Chen was really beside her.

However, she knew that it was impossible for Lu Chen to appear here, so Lin Yun only smiled and said, “Its probably because were looking at the same moon”

“CEO Lu, its getting late.

Rest early.” Lin Yun, who was not romantic, ruined the beautiful atmosphere.

Lu Chen sighed and said, “Alright! Rest early!”

After hanging up, Lin Yun felt that Lu Chen was a little strange today.

But she shook her head, as she tried to dispel her thoughts.

“CEO Lu, arent you planning to meet Miss Lin” Ning Kun asked curiously.

He specially came to the Man Garden to stay.

Could it be that President Lu was enjoying this atmosphere that was separated by a wall

This was too unlike CEO Lu!

Ning Kun frowned and was thinking when he heard Lu Chen say, “I have other arrangements here.”

“Get Fu Heng to come over tomorrow morning.”

Hearing Lu Chens cold and businesslike voice, Ning Kun could only pout and say, “Yes!”

Ning Kun sighed in his heart.

His expression changed so quickly! I wonder if Miss Lin knows CEO Lus true appearance!

“Mom, did you have fun” Lin Yun took a shower and called Pei Man.

Under the strong recommendation of Lin Yun and Lin Qian, Pei Man pulled Lin Ting to enjoy life.

With this, the siblings disguise plan would not be so easily discovered.

“Xiao Yun! Everything is well here! Your father hasnt relaxed for a long time! Its all thanks to you!” Pei Man sounded very happy, which relieved Lin Yuns guilt.

After chatting with Pei Man for a while, Lin Yun relaxed and fell asleep.

The next morning, Lin Yun had just finished washing up when she heard a car drive to the door.

Lin Yun felt a little strange.

No one should come to Man Garden these days.

Why was there a car here so early in the morning

Lin Yun looked over and realized that Fu Heng had gotten out of the car.

“Eh Why is he here” Lin Yun frowned.

As the organizer of this show, Fu Heng would only participate in the recording on the day of the competition.

Why did he come so early today

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