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455 Lin Yus Concern

Lin Yun watched as Fu Heng quickly walked into the front building.

After waiting for a long time, she did not hear any sound from the hall.

Did the staff not see Fu Heng

This was impossible!

Could it be that he went straight to the side building

Lin Yun immediately had a strange feeling.

Why was Fu Heng going to the side building

Who was waiting for him in the side building

Lin Yun suddenly remembered her call with Lu Chen yesterday…

Surely not

Could it be that Lu Chen was in the side building now

In the next second, Lin Yun waved her hand and smiled awkwardly.

“What are you thinking about How is that possible!”

Lin Yun immediately denied her thoughts.

She immediately felt that she must not have slept well yesterday to have such thoughts.

Lin Yun laughed dryly and tidied her clothes, preparing to go to the practice room to start todays practice.

Just as she reached the door of the training room, Lin Yun saw boxes of various sizes.

These boxes looked familiar.

They seemed to have been moved in by Tian Tian.

Sure enough, just as Lin Yun walked into the practice room, she saw the staff coming over to move the boxes and distribute gifts to everyone.

Young Master Tian must not have expected that the gifts he had prepared would be distributed like mineral water.

Lin Yun took a small box from the staff and opened it.

It was really a small jade pendant.

The Tian family originally made their fortune in the funeral business.

Later on, as they grew, they began to dabble in the jade business.

It was said that jade was something that connected Yin and Yang.

It was considered a profession for the Tian family.

In Tian Tians generation, he had long looked down on those old jade antiques.

He preferred dazzling things like diamonds to please women.

Thinking of the huge diamond on Lin Yus neck, Lin Yun subconsciously felt her neck ache.

Lin Yun shrugged and put away the jade pendant.

The staff quickly distributed all the gifts, and the big boxes were thrown into the trash box outside the courtyard by Ding Ning.

When Lin Yu appeared in the training room, many contestants walked over and thanked her.

Lin Yu happily accepted everyones thanks without any intention of severing her relationship with Tian Tian.

Lin Yu walked into the practice room and saw Ming Yi sitting in the corner.

She walked forward and glanced at the jewelry box Ming Yi placed beside her.

“Why Do you like this gift”

Lin Yun looked up at Lin Yu.

“Did you give this gift”

“Of course, this gift was given by Young Master Tian!” Lin Yu said matter-of-factly.

“Then why did you come to ask me if I like it What does it have to do with you” Lin Yun asked bluntly.

Lin Yu froze, not knowing how to answer Lin Yun.

Indeed, she and Tian Tian had no relationship that could be announced to outsiders.

What reason did she have to ask Ming Yi if she liked Young Master Tians gift

However, Lin Yu couldnt take it lying down.

“Im just concerned about my companions who are participating in the competition! If you like the gift, your performance will naturally be better!”

Seeing Lin Yu come up with such a far-fetched reason, Lin Yun couldnt help but take her hat off to her.

“Thank you for your concern! Whether I like this gift or not wont affect my performance in the competition!”

“I hope it wont affect yours!”

After Lin Yun finished speaking, she stood up and walked out.

She had just taken a few steps when someone blocked her way.

Lin Yun looked and couldnt help but frown under the veil.


Han Fang stared at Lin Yun as if she was looking at an enemy.

“Speak! Do you have a crush on Lin Qian!” Han Fang growled angrily as her eyes burned.

Lin Yun was stunned, not understanding why Han Fang said that.

However, she did not intend to answer Han Fangs question.

She only said in a low voice, “Crazy!”

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