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457 Do You Want to Call the Police

Other than Ding Ning, only Lin Yun and Han Fang were left.

Ding Ning pinched the space between her eyebrows with a headache.

“Cant you guys stop for two days and let me organize the event plan!”

“Must you find trouble for me all day long”

Ding Ning couldnt take it anymore and asked Ming Yi, “Whats going on”

Ming Yi glanced at the mask on the ground and then at Han Fang.

“She entered my room privately and took my things!”

“If you hadnt done such a shameful thing, would you be afraid that I would find out” Han Fang immediately replied righteously.

Ding Ning shouted angrily, “Stop! Let Ming Yi finish first.”

Ming Yi said again, “This mask is mine.

No matter how I obtained it, it cant change the fact that Han Fang entered my room and threw my belonging here.

She even accused me for no reason!”

Han Fangs face was filled with anger.

She opened her mouth and looked at Ding Ning.

In the end, she swallowed her words.

“Tell me, what exactly happened” Ding Ning saw that Han Fang couldnt hold it in anymore, so she asked her to explain.

Han Fang immediately pointed at the mask on the ground and then at Ming Yi.

“Its her! She secretly imitated Lin Qian and made this mask! Shes too shameless!”

“This mask is so similar.

She must have secretly entered Lin Qians room, or shes just like they said, an extreme fan!”

“Its too dangerous for such a person to appear here!”

“What if something happens to Brother Lin Qian!”

Hearing that Han Fang did not mention that she had entered Lin Yuns room, Ding Ning asked again, “Did you enter Lin Yuns room”

“So what if I did!” Han Fang had no intention of hiding it.

“Why did you enter her room” Ding Ning continued to ask.

“Who asked her not to change rooms with me I just wanted to reason with her!” Han Fang did not feel that she was in the wrong at all.

“I didnt sleep well last night.

I wanted to discuss with her early this morning about changing rooms.” Han Fang continued to talk about her actions.

“I originally planned to discuss it with her.

Who knew that as soon as I entered the room, I would see this box on the table and this mask inside!”

Hearing Han Fangs words, Lin Yun secretly took a deep breath and asked, “At that time, this box was covered, so you rummaged through my things privately, right”

“So what! How else would I find out that you hid such a dirty thing!” Han Fang spat on the ground to show her disdain.

Hearing this, Ding Ning basically figured out what had happened.

Lin Yun did not want to ask further.

This mask was not a big deal, but if something similar happened again, wouldnt her identity be exposed

Ding Ning pondered for a moment and turned to look at Lin Yun.

“Do I need to call the police for you”

Hearing Ding Nings words, Han Fang immediately lost her temper.

“Why are you calling the police She was clearly in the wrong first!”

“What if she really hurts Brother Lin Qian in the future!”

“You cant indulge her like this! You must call the police to arrest her!”

Lin Yun ignored Han Fang, who continued to nag, and shook her head at Ding Ning.

“The show is at a critical moment now.

If we call the police, Im afraid this show wont be able to continue.”

“I dont want to pursue the matter anymore.

Just kick her out of the list of contestants!”

Ding Ning looked at Lin Yun deeply.

She did not expect her to be considerate of the show at this time.

“Alright! Well do as you say!” As Ding Ning spoke, she summoned her assistant and threw Han Fang out of the Man Garden with her luggage.

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