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459 Proving Her Innocence

Lin Yun sat in front of the computer and looked at the comments that were posted rapidly on the screen.

The corners of her mouth couldnt help but twitch.

These people were really amazing!

How could they imagine any kind of story

If this continued, she might have an illegitimate child with Second Brother in less than half a day!

Lin Yun frowned and turned on her computer.

She decided to resolve this troublesome matter herself.

Lin Yun smiled evilly and took out the surveillance video at the entrance of Man Garden.

There were surveillance cameras inside and outside the main entrance of the Man Garden.

It was especially used to monitor the main passageway of the Man Garden.

On both sides of the boulevard outside the Vine Garden, there were two cameras every hundred meters.

They monitored the road conditions along the way.

Lin Yun first posted one of the surveillance video footage she retrieved.

In the video, a woman was standing outside the gate of the Man Garden, pointing and cursing.

Although the scolding was not loud in the video, it was clearly heard.

“Ming Yi, youre a bitch! You defiled my Brother Lin Qian! I want your reputation to be ruined!”

The person who was scolding was the other party in this incident, Han Fang.

Previously, Lin Qian had already mentioned Han Fangs matter on his own social account.

Although the public had many complaints about Han Fangs actions, there was not much impact.

As soon as Lin Yun posted this video online, everyone saw Han Fangs shrew-like actions and immediately felt much more sympathy for Ming Yi.

Some people even thought that Han Fang must be crazy to do such a thing.

Others even guessed from her words that she was an “extreme fan” who would sneak into her idols residence!

More comments online gradually began to show sympathy and understanding for Ming Yi.

Lin Yuns next video led public opinion in another direction.

In the video, the first scene was Tian Tian and Lin Yu walking into the Man Garden together.

The two of them stood side by side in the front yard.

From the perspective of the video, they looked like a noble couple visiting their manor.

Someone had already exposed that a prominent mistress of Sea City, Lin Yu, had gotten together with Tian Tian, the young master of the Tian family in the capital.

When such a video was posted online, it caused a huge commotion on the Internet.

No matter how lively Lin Qians gossip was, there was no concrete evidence.

But the footage of the two people in the video was real.

Even if there were a few hundred more mouths bent on quibbling, they would not be able to say that this video was fake!

Seeing that everyone was starting to speculate about the marriage between the two families, some people began to discuss what had happened when they saw Tian Tian bring Lin Yu to the instrument shop a few days ago.

Lin Yun was not in a hurry to post the next video.

Instead, she quietly waited for things to ferment so that the discussion on the Internet would become even more lively.

Soon, the news of Lin Yu and Tian Tians relationship rushed to the top of various trending searches.

Lin Yun smiled as if her evil plan had succeeded.

Then, she clicked the mouse and posted the last video online.

In the video, Lin Yu was talking to Han Fang.

As Han Fang nodded repeatedly, her eyes were filled with determination.

This video didnt seem to have been filmed in the past few days.

It seemed to have been filmed earlier.

Judging from their clothes, they seemed to be in thin summer clothes.

It was already autumn.

After their discussion, Han Fang quickly left.

In the next video, Han Fang cursed at the entrance of the Man Garden before walking towards a remote path outside.

After a while, she got into a black private car hidden by the bushes.

The private car drove away quickly, leaving no traces.

Even the license plate was blocked by the trees.

It could be seen that this person had already planned the surveillance blind spots nearby before agreeing to meet Han Fang here.

However, although the car left quickly, it appeared on different cameras.

The video seemed to have been captured by an agile tracking device that followed the car closely.

Finally, the rear number plate of the car was clearly photographed.

Lin Yun specially enlarged the license plate in a corner of the screen, baiting the “curious babies” to discover who the mastermind was.

However, just the video of Lin Yu and Han Fang whispering had already made some conspiracy theorists suspect that Lin Yu was the mastermind behind this incident.

Some technical experts quickly analyzed that the black private car belonged to the Tian family.

In this way, everything was connected.

Lin Yun stood up and stretched.

She walked to the window and looked at the calm lake in the distance.

“Mom really knows how to choose a place!”

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