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460 Earning Money Again

The rumors about Lin Yu and Tian Tian on the Internet instantly drowned out the news of Ming Yis mask.

Not only that, although the content of the video did not explicitly state that Lin Yu had instructed Han Fang to frame Lin Yun, people who thought deeper would always link the story more ingeniously.

Instantly, all kinds of rumors on the Internet about Lin Yu being unscrupulous in order to win the competition spread like wildfire.

However, in just half a day, all the rumors disappeared.

Lin Yun tapped on the keyboard and couldnt help but laugh to herself.

“Lin Cheng is really generous.

Hes actually willing to spend 5 million to clear up some negative news.”

“Theres money to be earned again! If I had known, I would have asked for more!” Lin Yun curled her lips and typed the word “completed” in Lunas dialog box before going offline.

“What exactly is going on” Lin Cheng questioned Lin Yu in an exasperated tone.

Lin Yus aggrieved voice sounded.

“Dad, I dont know what happened.

This really has nothing to do with me!”

Lin Cheng took a deep breath as if he was suppressing something.

After a while, he said again, “Tell me, whats going on between you and that young master of the Tian family”

“Dad! I have nothing to do with Tian Tian! I only met him when I came to the Imperial Capital!” Lin Yu said anxiously, “He treated me kindly, so Ive been with him for the past few days.”

“What did you say Youve been with him for the past few days” Lin Cheng raised his voice again, making Lin Yu subconsciously move her phone away from her.

“Do you know that you and the Zheng family are still engaged!” Lin Cheng couldnt help but emphasize.

Although he was also thinking of a way to resolve the Zheng familys engagement, after all, the Zheng family had already lost their power and was about to go bankrupt.

The Lin family and the Zheng family had cooperated a lot, so it was inevitable that they would be implicated.

Because everyone in Sea City knew about the engagement between the two families, Lin Cheng couldnt just abandon the Zheng family in a crisis.

However, now that Lin Yu had caused such news, it was fine if the Zheng family didnt come looking for trouble.

If they really came…

Moreover, those reporters who liked to make up stories might fabricate some unsavory news content.

Lin Cheng sighed heavily.

Seeing that Lin Yu was silent, he said after a while, “You can participate in the competition in peace first.

Ive already suppressed the news.”

“Dont meet Young Master Tian for the next few days.

Lets talk after Ive arranged everything!”

“Yes! Dad!” Lin Yu didnt say much and only replied in a low voice.

After hanging up, Lin Yu held her phone tightly and gritted her teeth.

“Ming Yi! You must have done it! Ill make you pay for it!”

“What did Xiaoyu say” Wang Lan quickly took two steps forward and asked when she saw Lin Cheng hang up.

Lin Cheng threw his phone aside and took out a cigarette to put in his mouth, not responding to Wang Lans question.

As Wang Lan looked at Lin Cheng who had his back facing her, her face was filled with anger.

Ever since Lin Cheng discovered the little tricks she had been up to, he had been like this all day long and had been giving her the cold shoulder!

When she thought about how Lin Cheng had actually summoned his son back, Wang Lan slammed a hand on the table and clenched her fists.

Her nails were about to dig into her flesh.

However, she could not flare up now.

She could not let that brat obtain everything from the Lin family so easily!

Everything in the Lin family should belong to Xiaoyu!

Wang Lan took a deep breath and approached Lin Chengs back.

She said softly, “Whats wrong Did something happen”

Hearing Wang Lans soft tone, Lin Chengs stiff back finally relaxed a little.

“Your precious daughter caused me big trouble the moment she arrived in the capital!”

“Whats wrong” Although Wang Lan was unhappy with Lin Chengs tone, she still asked gently.

“Its fine if she went to the capital to participate in the competition, but why did she have to provoke that second-generation heir of the Tian family!” Lin Cheng sighed heavily and turned to sit on the chair, taking a puff of his cigarette.

“Do you know what good things that second-generation heir has done How can our Lin family afford to provoke the Tian family!” The more Lin Cheng spoke, the angrier he became.

His expression was a little stiff.

“The Tian family” Wang Lan blinked and asked curiously, “You mean the Tian family in the capital that specializes in digging up peoples ancestral graves”

Hearing Wang Lans words, Lin Cheng almost fainted from the smell of smoke.

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