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462 Hows the Girl

“Young Master Tian, hows that girl from Sea City” In the noisy private room, a pale man held a cocktail glass and asked Tian Tian.

Tian Tian placed his arms on the back of the sofa and had two seductively dressed beauties on his left and right.

He looked like he was enjoying himself.

A woman in a gold strapless dress pressed half of her chest to Tian Tians body.

She was even delivering a grape to Tian Tians mouth.

Tian Tian bit the grape and licked the womans fingertips ambiguously, causing her to moan.

“That woman is beautiful, but I keep feeling that shes old-fashioned!” Tian Tian chewed on the grapes and said ambiguously.

“How can she be as beautiful and open as the women in our Imperial Capital! Dont you think so!” As Tian Tian spoke, he reached out to the face of the woman who had just fed him grapes and gently rubbed it a few times.

The woman had a charming smile on her face.

Her fair and tender face turned red after Tian Tian rubbed it twice.

Tian Tian happily kissed the womans face before continuing, “Look at the women in our Imperial Capital.

Their faces are so much more tender than Lin Yus!”

Hearing Tian Tians words, the pale man couldnt help but ask curiously, “Then why are you still so concerned about that woman!”

“I saw rumors on the Internet that you like that woman very much.

You even spent a lot of money to prepare gifts for her to give to fellow contestants!”

“Theyre just some worthless things!” Tian Tian waved his hand and took out a necklace from his chest pocket.

The main feature of the necklace was a diamond about the same size as the one Lin Yu was wearing.

“Our Tian family has a lot of this!” Tian Tian said as he held the necklace and placed it into the open hand of the woman beside him.

The woman on the other side looked at Tian Tian with envy.

Tian Tian stretched out his neck and kissed the womans cheek.

He took out a small box from his pocket.

“Baby! How could I have forgotten about you!”

As Tian Tian spoke, he stuffed the box into the womans hand.

The woman opened it.

It was a pair of diamond earrings with a huge diamond ring.

Although it was not as dazzling as the diamond pendant on the necklace, it was definitely expensive!

The woman looked at Tian Tian with a coquettish smile and leaned her head gently into his arms.

“Thank you, Young Master Tian!”

“These things dont catch my eye at all! How can they be compared to the pink diamond that the kid from the Lu family bought!” Tian Tian sneered.

“Its just that I heard that he doesnt get close to women.

These things are wasted.”

Hearing Tian Tians words, the pale man immediately leaned forward.

“I heard that the Lu family member has also returned to the capital.

Havent you guys met”

Tian Tians face was filled with disdain.

“Im not interested in that guy! His old man treats him like a treasure.

His face is hard as if hes injected with too much hyaluronic acid!”

Tian Tians words immediately made the woman beside him laugh.

Tian Tian pinched the faces of the two women beside him with one hand and smiled.

“Look, how good it feels!”

The pale man also looked at the two women with a smile.

“Is Young Master Tian playing with Lin Yu”

“Hmph!” Tian Tian snorted.

“I want to have a taste of this Sea City woman!”

“When Im tired of playing, Ill kick her back to Sea City!”

Tian Tians words immediately caused laughter in the private room.

“You still have the cheek to come back!” As soon as Tian Tian entered, a brick-sized object was thrown at him.

Tian Tian dodged nimbly, clearly used to such a situation.

A furious curse followed.

“Get over here!”

The person who spoke was none other than Tian Tians father, Tian Feng.

Tian Tian swaggered to Tian Feng, reeking of alcohol.

Tian Feng crossed his arms and leaned against the sofa.

He glared at his unfilial son with a serious expression.

“Where did you go again You only came back at this time!” Tian Feng questioned sternly.

“To socialize,” Tian Tian replied briefly, not daring to say too much lest he was scolded by his father again.

Tian Feng clearly did not believe Tian Tians words and immediately asked sternly, “What social engagement can you have Other than fooling around all day, what else do you have to do!”

“Dad, since you already know, why are you still asking me” Tian Tian clearly looked terrible and couldnt even be bothered to put up a fight.

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