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463 Interrogation

Tian Feng almost fainted from Tian Tians words.

He took a few deep breaths before finally venting his anger.

“Why did I have a son like you”

“You have to ask my mother about this…” Tian Tian looked sloppy, which immediately angered Tian Feng.

Tian Feng picked up an ashtray beside him and threw it at Tian Tian.

“Throwing things again!” Tian Tian quickly dodged with a dissatisfied expression.

“Mom said that youve smashed a lot of our good things.

Why cant you change this bad habit!”

Tian Feng choked on his sons words again.

His eyes kept rolling up, and he looked like he almost went to see his ancestor.

At the mention of Tian Tians mother, Tian Feng instantly lost his temper.

Tian Feng had married into the family, so his status was far inferior to Tian Tians mother.

Because of this, Tian Tian kept talking about his mother, causing Tian Feng to be obstructed from disciplining his son.

Tian Fengs ancestors surname was Chen.

He was a servant of the Tian family a few generations ago.

Later on, he obtained the appreciation of the Tian family and gradually led a good life by relying on the Tian family.

In Tian Fengs previous generation, the old master of the Tian family, Tian Hua, had only one daughter, Tian Jiao.

Although Tian Hua was smart and capable in the business world, Tian Hua still had the idea that men were superior to women.

He even felt that women defiled the business world.

Because of this, Tian Hua began to find a good husband for his daughter at a young age.

Unexpectedly, before he could choose a groom, Tian Jiao actually ran to her father and said that she was already pregnant.

For a moment, Old Master Tian, who was already a little old-fashioned, was so angry that he was sent to the hospital.

After staying in the hospital for a few months, Old Master Tian thought things through.

He could not control her daughter anymore.

Moreover, after these few months, Tian Jiaos child was about to be born!

Helpless, Tian Hua could only agree to her daughters request and let her marry her beloved, Chen Feng.

However, Tian Hua was worried that no one would inherit his family business and that the Tian familys ancestral business would be changed, so he asked Chen Feng to marry into the family and change his name to Tian Feng.

Without another word, Chen Feng took his household register and pulled Tian Jiao to get their marriage certificate.

Then, he changed his surname.

This way, Chen Feng became Tian Feng.

Although Old Master Tian was reluctant, he could only start to transfer his business to his son-in-law.

Fortunately, although Tian Feng did not come from a good background, he was smart and had a good temperament.

Over the past few decades, the Tian family had gradually come under the control of Tian Feng.

Tian Jiaos life was carefree.

Other than eating, drinking, and having fun every day, she protected her precious son.

Tian Feng and his wife had a good relationship and rarely quarreled.

However, Tian Jiao had the bloodline of the Tian family.

Every time there was an argument, Tian Feng would always be at a disadvantage.

When it came to disciplining Tian Tian, Tian Feng would definitely be defeated as long as Tian Tian brought up his mother!

Tian Feng sat on the spot angrily for a while before saying, “Are the rumors about you and Lin Yu on the Internet true”

“Dad, youre amazing! You even watch such gossip news!” Tian Tian said in a teasing tone.

Tian Feng glared fiercely at Tian Tian.

Tian Tian immediately shrank his neck warily, not daring to speak to Tian Feng in such a tone.

Although Tian Feng was “fearful” of his wife, it did not mean that he would not beat his son to death if he was really angry!

As long as Tian Jiao was not present, Tian Fengs dignity as a father was still intact!

Tian Tian shrank his neck and lowered his head slightly.

“That Lin Yu is just a friend from Sea City.”

“I didnt think she was familiar with this place, so I entertained her for a few days.”

“She has already entered the production team to film, so we dont have any contact.”

Tian Tian said it simply but it was very different from the news Tian Feng saw.

“I didnt ask how the two of you met! Im asking you if you were involved in Lin Yu framing others!” Tian Feng asked coldly.

“What Framing someone else Theres such a thing This woman is really vicious!” Tian Tian looked confused and innocent as he tried his best to show that he didnt know what was going on.

“I really dont know what she did!” Tian Tian emphasized his innocence again.

Tian Feng still looked distrustful.

“Then why did you send a car to pick that person up”

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