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464 Goodbye, Zheng Yu

“Send a car What car Who did we pick up” Tian Tian was still confused.

“Youre still pretending!” Tian Feng was even angrier and threw a cup beside him.

Tian Tian exclaimed and lowered his body to dodge the attack of the cup.

“Dad, dont be anxious! I really dont know what you are talking about!”

“Didnt you send a car to Man Garden to pick up a woman” Tian Feng lowered his voice and continued to ask.

“I did!” Tian Tian said without any hesitation only to see Tian Fengs expression change.

Tian Tian immediately covered his head with his hands warily before continuing, “Hey! Dont be angry! I dont know who I picked up!”

“Lin Yu said that a friend of hers was leaving the show for health reasons and asked me to help arrange a pickup.”

“I sent that person to the hospital as soon as I picked her up.

I havent contacted her since!”

“Why dont you ask the driver, Xiao Zhang He knows!”

Hearing Tian Tians words and looking at his aggrieved expression, Tian Feng asked suspiciously, “Is what you said true”

“Of course its true! If I told a lie, I… I… Ill die!”

Hearing Tian Tians words, Tian Feng picked up the antique table lamp on the table and threw it at Tian Tian…

“Xiaoyu, your father was very angry when he saw what happened to you in the capital,” Wang Lan said softly on the phone.

“Mom, I really dont know what happened! This has nothing to do with me!” Lin Yu sobbed aggrievedly.

Wang Lan subconsciously looked back before continuing, “I know! Dont worry! Im here.

You just have to focus on the competition!”

“Then Zheng Yu…” Lin Yu paused.

Wang Lan sighed softly and asked, “Xiaoyu, tell Mom the truth.

Do you really like Zheng Yu”

Lin Yu seemed to be stunned for a moment before saying, “Of course I really like him!”

Wang Lan then sighed.

“But Xiaoyu, the Zheng family has already declined.

Mom is worried that if you really marry Zheng Yu, your future will be difficult!”

Hearing Wang Lans words, Lin Yu was stunned again before asking, “What does Mom want me to do”

“How are you and the young master of the Tian family Can you progress with him” Wang Lan asked anxiously.

“The Tian family is countless times better than the Zheng family!” Wang Lan continued and didnt notice Lin Yus commotion.

“Mom knows that you cant bear to part with Zheng Yu, but we have to look in the right direction.”

“Besides, I dont think Zheng Yu is that loyal to you.

Why dont…”

Before Wang Lan could finish, she heard Lin Yus voice.

“Mom, I really like Zheng Yu!”

“I… I wont leave Zheng Yu for any reason! Mom, you dont have to persuade me!”

When Wang Lan heard this, she could only sigh heavily.

After a while, she said again, “Alright! Mom wont persuade you anymore!”

“But Mom still hopes that you can think about what kind of life you will lead with Zheng Yu in the future!”

“Youre still young…”

“Mom, Im tired.” Lin Yu interrupted Wang Lan.

“Theres still a recording tomorrow.

I want to rest first.”

Wang Lan sighed again and said, “Alright! Mom wont disturb you anymore! Go and rest!”

Lin Yu hung up and placed her phone on the table before getting up and walking to the window.

“Zheng Yu, its my turn to leave you this time! Dont blame me for being heartless!” Lin Yu said as she looked into the darkness outside the window.

“I, Lin Yu, wont let anyone stop me! No one!”

Lin Yun leaned back in her chair and drank the tea she had just brewed while listening to the contents of the USB drive Xiao Yi had sent over.

Lin Yun did not expect that the bald man and the hooked-nosed man were both henchmen under Brother Qi, but they were beaten up in the fishing village.

The mastermind behind this matter was already obvious.

“Lin Yu, if you dare to hurt the people around me again, Ill make you pay double!” Lin Yun gritted her teeth and looked at the photo of Lin Yu being interviewed by the media on the screen.

This time, if Pei Man hadnt begged Lin Yun not to pursue the matter, she would have long exposed this information to the person who collected the Lin Corporations dirt.

However, that person was also strange.

Although there was a lot of dirt gathered about the Lin Corporation, there was no movement from that person!

Lin Yun frowned slightly, not understanding what that person wanted to do.

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