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466 Chen Hangs Scheme

Lin Yun chuckled and said to Chen Hang, “What are you afraid of”

Chen Hang was stunned for a moment and stammered, “I… Im not afraid of anything!”

Lin Yuns laughter became even sweeter, and her voice was filled with smiles.

“You clearly saw Han Fang enter my room, but you didnt inform me immediately.”

“You didnt say anything when the public opinion was in an uproar.”

“Now youre telling me that you wonder if Han Fang took something from my room…”

“Or did you see her take something other than my mask”

Chen Hang listened to Lin Yuns question in a daze.

After a while, he swallowed and said, “I just happened to see her come out of your room.

How would I know that she went to your room when you were not around!”

“Besides, why should I speak up for you”

“Were competitors, to begin with!”

“Im only here to remind you out of kindness!”

Lin Yun nodded faintly.

“Then I have to thank you for your kindness!”

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Seeing that Lin Yun had no intention of thanking him, Chen Hangs expression became even more awkward.

“You! Nothing good comes out of kindness!”

After Chen Hang finished speaking, he turned around and left angrily.

Lin Yun looked at Chen Hangs back and shrugged before walking towards her room.

After taking two steps, someone called her name again.

Lin Yun turned around.

Indeed, Jiang Juan was walking towards her quickly.

“Whats wrong Youre in such a hurry.” Lin Yun watched as Jiang Juan walked over quickly and almost tripped over herself.

Lin Yun immediately reached out to grab it.

She took two steps forward and supported Jiang Juan, who had almost fallen.

“I saw Chen Hang looking for you just now and wanted to come over and remind you…” Jiang Juan heaved a sigh of relief before speaking again.

“Previously, I saw that he seemed to be quite close to Han Fang.

Dont you know that youve been schemed against again!”

Lin Yun looked at Jiang Juan deeply.

She could tell that Jiang Juans concern and reminder were from the bottom of her heart.

She was not as secretive as Chen Hang just now.

Lin Yun glanced at Jiang Juan before asking, “Do you want to come into my room and sit for a while”

“I have something to ask you.”

Jiang Juan did not refuse and followed Lin Yun into the room.

As soon as she entered the room, Lin Yun asked, “The last time you said that someone wanted to harm me, were you referring to Han Fang”

Jiang Juan nodded and said again, “I heard her talking to someone on the phone earlier, saying that she wanted to take something from you.”

“Then, there was the matter of the mask…”

Lin Yun nodded but did not respond.

“I dont think you usually pay much attention to other peoples movements.

Dont be deceived and let them find excuses!” Although Jiang Juans tone was disdainful, she was genuinely concerned about Lin Yun.

Lin Yun smiled and said, “I dont think you usually interact with them.

Why do you know their movements so well”

Jiang Juan curled her lips and said, “I just cant stand what they are up to!”

“Its just a competition! If the company didnt insist that I participate, I wouldnt want to waste my time here!” Jiang Juan said frankly without any intention of hiding it.

“Thank you for what happened today! But I might need your help with something,” Lin Yun said as she gently twisted her hands together, looking a little conflicted.

Jiang Juan smiled and said, “If theres anything, just say it! Although I dont like to form cliques, Im still happy to help others.”

“Tell me what you want me to do first, then Ill weigh how much I can help you!”

Hearing Jiang Juans words, Lin Yun felt the other partys sincerity again.

Lin Yun leaned towards Jiang Juan and whispered her thoughts.

When Jiang Juan heard Lin Yuns words, she looked at Lin Yun in surprise.

After a while, she nodded.

“Alright! Ill help you!”

Jiang Juan had just walked out of Lin Yuns room when she heard a strange sound from the side building.

She looked in that direction but saw nothing unusual.

She could only shrug and turn to leave.

The owner of this garden was also strange.

He locked the connecting doors of the side building.

It gave people an inexplicable mysterious and terrifying feeling.

It was very strange!

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