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467 Deal

“Xiaoyu, I want to meet you.” Zheng Yus call made Lin Yu feel frustrated.

Why did this person call at this time She was at the critical moment of preparing for the competition!

Lin Yu said gently, “Brother Zheng Yu, you called at this time.

Im about to go to the training room!”

“Why dont we talk later”

Although Lin Yu was asking, her tone was filled with command.

Zheng Yu seemed to hesitate for a moment before saying, “Alright! Ill look for you tonight!”

“You Did you say youre in the capital” Lin Yu was even more surprised and subconsciously raised her voice.

Zheng Yu nodded and said, “I have something to confirm with you.”

“Can you come out at night”

“This… Im afraid its not convenient!” Lin Yu refused without hesitation.

“Were in a closed management mode now.

We cant go out until the recording of the show is completed!”

Zheng Yu seemed to hesitate, but he still replied softly, “Alright! Ill wait for you!”

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Lin Yu hung up and glanced at Chen Hang.

“Tell me! Why are you looking for me”

Chen Hang had a frivolous smile on his face.

“Your lie is really flippant!”

“Although were recording in a closed setting, the production team didnt stipulate that contestants cant go out!”

“Why do you care!” Lin Yus tone was filled with anger.

“Tell me your motive and get lost!”

Lin Yu really didnt have a good temper with Chen Hang.

This person actually used the fact that he heard her conversation with Han Fang to threaten her!

Lin Yu had never felt so controlled since she was young!

The deal between her and Han Fang was originally unpresentable, but now, she actually let Chen Hang hear it!

Chen Hang said with a smile, “Dont worry, I wont tell anyone your secret!”

“Im here because I want to complete the deal that Han Fang didnt complete!”

“You mean…” Lin Yu looked at Chen Hang in confusion.

Chen Hang smiled.

“Didnt you want Ming Yis score The score is in my hands now!”

Lin Yu narrowed her eyes and looked at Chen Hang suspiciously, clearly not believing him.

“Do you know what my deal with Han Fang is Do you want to use something to fool me” Lin Yu immediately raised her doubts.

Chen Hang looked confident.

“Why should I lie to you Who doesnt know Ming Yis composition skills”

“You just have to look at the score to know if its real or fake!”

Lin Yu didnt say anything.

She only looked at Chen Hang deeply before saying, “Wheres the score”

Chen Hang took out a page from his pocket and handed it to Lin Yu.

Lin Yu glanced at the handwriting on the score and frowned.

This handwriting looked a little familiar.

Lin Yu actually thought of a person she knew!

Her frown deepened as she gripped the score tightly.

Seeing Lin Yus strange expression, Chen Hang immediately reached out to snatch the score back.

“Dont think of taking the score away just like that!”

Lin Yu immediately waved Chen Hangs hand away and said in an unfriendly tone, “Dont judge others with your petty heart!”

“Did you really remove this score from Ming Yis room” Lin Yu confirmed again.

“I saw Han Fang take this score out of Ming Yis room and hide it in a stack of documents in the training room,” Chen Hang said firmly.

“Unless Han Fang stole the wrong score!”

“You really know how to reap the benefits!” Lin Yu looked at Chen Hang in disgust.

“Im just helping you complete your original deal.

If you didnt have a plan first, why would I benefit from it!” Chen Hang didnt intend to hide his thoughts at all.

Lin Yu snorted and continued, “Why is there only one page Where are the other scores”

“I took such a big risk to come over, so the price of this score naturally has to be adjusted!” Chen Hang immediately revealed a scheming expression.

Lin Yu gritted her teeth and asked coldly, “How much do you plan to ask for”

Chen Hang smiled and flipped five fingers in front of Lin Yu.

Lin Yu glared at Chen Hang in disbelief.

“Arent you asking for too much!”

Chen Hang smiled wantonly.

“Miss Lin Yu, youre making a mountain out of a molehill! A mere ten million is nothing to you!”

Lin Yu gritted her teeth and said after a while, “Alright! Bring me all the scores.

Ill transfer the money to you after confirming it!”

Chen Hang didnt hesitate and nodded.

“Alright! Deal!”


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