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468 Ming Yis Music Score

Lin Yu held the score in her hand, but her eyes were filled with anger.

“Chen Hang, you took advantage of me! Watch how I deal with you in the future!”

Lin Yu confirmed the score carefully.

It was indeed Ming Yis previous style.

It seemed that the authenticity of this score could be guaranteed.

However, Lin Yu felt that the handwriting on the score was very similar to the score Lin Yun had given her previously.

However, it was only the first page that was similar.

She carefully looked at the last few pages and realized that they were completely different.

Only then did Lin Yu dispel her doubts.

She scanned the score one by one and handed it to Wang Lan to arrange for her to compose new songs and lyrics.

After Lin Yu sent all the content to Wang Lan, she heaved a sigh of relief.

This damn production team had to let these contestants compose their own lyrics and songs before it could be considered a complete performance.

If she knew these things, why would she have been led by the nose by Lin Yun previously

As for Fu Tong, ever since she used the score left behind by Fu Tong to advance to this round, Fu Tong had really kept his word and stopped caring about her!

She found a few fellows who were known as musicians, but she realized that those pustules could not compose songs that suited her.

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After thinking about it, Ming Yis style was similar to her previous songs.

Only by using her song could she obtain good results in the subsequent competitions!

Han Fang was the one who took the initiative to look for Lin Yu.

Lin Yu more or less knew Han Fangs background.

Han Fang did not participate in this competition for a chance to enter the entertainment industry, but to win the prize money after the competition!

It was said that although the new Masked King did not clearly indicate the amount of the contestants bonuses, it was said that every contestant who could enter the finals could obtain a bonus of more than 100,000 dollars.

Although this money was nothing in Lin Yus eyes, many people were here for this bonus.

As early as the time she entered the initial stage of the competition, Wang Lan asked someone to check out the details of these contestants.

Other than one or two contestants who hid themselves well outside the circle, Ming Yi was the only one they could not find any information about.

Lin Yu was originally very afraid of these people, but after the competition, other than Ming Yi, Fang Tong was the only one who could be considered her competition.

Fang Tongs personality was also very strange.

Not only did he not interact much with others, but even the production team was always polite to him.

As one of the few male contestants, Fang Tongs existence was more like an anomaly than Ming Yis.

However, be it her kind or anomalies, Lin Yu only cared about how to “pass through” this competition!

Firstly, she did not want to lose the competition and be disgraced!

It had to be known that among the “sisters” in Sea City, her participation in the new Masked King had already attracted a lot of attention!

Of course, there were also many people waiting to see her make a fool of herself!

Therefore, she could not lose!

Secondly, Lin Cheng had many complaints about her, to begin with.

This competition was the only thing that made her proud in front of Lin Cheng!

She could not mess this up again!

Lin Yu had mixed feelings.

She looked at the bank transfer record and narrowed her eyes.

“Miss Lin, do you have time for dinner tonight” Lu Chens voice came from the phone, making Lin Yun look puzzled.

“CEO Lu, have you forgotten that Im… ” Before Lin Yun could finish, Lu Chen interrupted her.

“I wont let you break the rules! Tonight, in Man Garden!” Lu Chen emphasized again.

Lin Yun was a little shocked.

She turned to look at her phone and leaned close to her ear to confirm again.

“CEO Lu is in Man Garden”

“Yes…” Lu Chen said casually as if he did not intend to say anything else on this topic.

Lin Yun was a little puzzled.

As the owner of this garden, she actually didnt know that there were others living there.

Lin Yun frowned tightly.

After thinking about it, she was very sure that this matter must be related to her good second brother, Lin Qian!

“Alright! Then what do you plan to do, CEO Lu” Lin Yun knew that she could not avoid it, so she did not struggle.

Lu Chen sounded very happy.

“Ill get Ning Kun to pick you up later.”

Lin Yun nodded and agreed.

Anyway, it was in the Man Garden, so it was not considered breaking the production teams rules.

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