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471 Return

“Try it! Do you like it” Lu Chen did not answer and only urged Lin Yun to eat the noodles.

Lin Yun smiled helplessly and picked up some noodles to taste.

Lin Yuns eyes widened in surprise as she looked at Lu Chen.


“I asked Uncle for the secret recipe!” Lu Chens face was filled with pride.

The smile on Lin Yuns face deepened as she asked curiously, “Why did you cook noodles for me”

Lu Chen sat opposite Lin Yun and stared at her.

“I accidentally saw a circle on todays date on your notepad last time.”

“I think today must be very special to you!”

When Lin Yun heard Lu Chens words, her eyes suddenly blurred.

She had indeed drawn a date on her notepad.

A date that was vital to her!

On this day five years later, in order to save her…

Lin Yun took a deep breath and let the sadness fade.

boxn ovel.


After a while, she smiled and said, “CEO Lu, do you want to try it”

Hearing Lin Yuns invitation, Lu Chen immediately revealed an expectant expression.

Lin Yun pushed the bowl of noodles in front of Lu Chen and handed over the chopsticks.

Lu Chen looked down but did not reach out to take the chopsticks.

Lin Yun tilted her head slightly and chuckled.

She picked up the noodles with her chopsticks and gestured to Lu Chen.

Lu Chen smiled and leaned over to eat the noodles.

Lu Chen took a sip and couldnt help but sigh.

“It tastes the best this time!”

Lin Yun raised her eyebrows slightly.

“Has CEO Lu tried it many times”

Lu Chen coughed lightly and felt a little awkward.

He did not respond.

Lin Yun recalled that Lu Chen had said the other time that he was closer to her.

Could it be that Lu Chen had already moved in at that time

Had he not appeared for the past two days because he wanted to try making the noodles

Then when did he learn this formula from Lin Ting

Lin Yun immediately felt that she was surrounded by Lu Chens supporters.

Even her father had fallen!

Seeing Lin Yun looking at him, Lu Chen chuckled and said, “As long as Miss Lin likes it, Im willing to try!”

Lin Yun put down her chopsticks and shook her head gently.

“CEO Lu shouldnt have placed too much energy on me!”

Hearing Lin Yun retreat again, Lu Chens expression turned ugly.

“Miss Lin, why do you reject me every time”

Lin Yun opened her mouth, but she hesitated.

How was she going to explain

When she saw Lu Chen, she would think about how she had killed him.

Lin Yun took a deep breath and said again, “CEO Lu, lets talk about something else!”

Hearing Lin Yuns words, Lu Chen could only nod slightly and say, “Okay!”

The two of them chatted for a while before Lin Yun pushed Lu Chen back to the room on the side floor.

Standing outside Lu Chens room, Lin Yun said again, “CEO Lu, I hope you can keep the matter of entering your company a secret for the time being.”

“Ill cooperate fully with Miss Lin.” Lu Chen did not ask for the reason and only gave his full support.

Lin Yuns heart skipped a beat and she smiled.

“Thank you!”

“Also, CEO Lu, please take this back…” As Lin Yun spoke, she returned the set of jewelry that Lu Chen had given her.

Lu Chen frowned slightly, looking a little angry.

However, he did not explode.

Instead, he reached out and took the jewelry box from Lin Yun.

“Alright! Ill keep this first.”

Lin Yun pretended not to understand the meaning behind Lu Chens words.

She nodded slightly and turned to walk towards the stairs.

In order not to be discovered, Lin Yun put on her veil and passed through the door on the first floor of the side building.

She walked to the front yard before returning to the front building.

As soon as she walked into the main building, she saw Tian Yuan and Feng Si staring at a box in the front hall, studying something.

When Tian Yuan saw Ming Yi enter, she asked curiously, “Why did you come back from outside Did you go out”

If Ming Yi really went out, she would have violated the production teams disciplinary rules.

If she broke the rules at this juncture, she might be expelled!

Of course, this was also what Tian Yuan wanted to see.

Lin Yun ignored Tian Yuan and walked straight toward the stairs.

Tian Yuan snorted and muttered unhappily, “Whats so great about her I wonder who shes so arrogant for!”


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