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Lin Yu had been watching this farce from the side, but her expression turned even uglier because she did not hurt Lin Yun in the end.

Seeing that Ling Na had been taken away by Wang Lan, Mimi and the other two naturally couldnt stay.

The three of them walked to Lin Yus side and looked at her slightly red elbow.

“Are you okay Do you want to apply some medicine” Mimi asked carefully.

Lin Yu shook her head and turned around to look at Lin Yun before quickly walking out of the room.

Mimi and the other two looked at each other and followed Lin Yu out of the room.

After everyone left, Lin Yun walked forward and closed the door again.

She leaned against the door and exhaled slightly.

Looking down at her swollen elbow, Lin Yun shook her head helplessly.

Walking to the computer, she smiled wryly at the faces on the screen that were either angry or heartbroken.

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Lin Yun did not turn off the computer camera.

Therefore, everyone on the other end of the computer saw everything that happened in the room.

“Lin, are you okay”

“Who were those lunatics just now”

“They came to your room and hurt you.

You should call the police! Sue them!”

“Yes! We cant let them off!”

“A fight amongst women is really something!”

Everyone chimed in.

Although it was very noisy, Lin Yun felt a trace of warmth.

She chuckled and looked at everyone.

“Everyone, Im sorry for making a fool of myself just now!”

“Im fine now.

Lets continue!”

“Lin, I think your arm is injured.

Do you need to treat it” The sharp-eyed Lina had already noticed the wound on Lin Yuns arm.

Lin Yun smiled and said nonchalantly, “Its just a small injury.

Ill apply some medicine later.”

“Lin, do you know Chinese Kung Fu” Kent asked excitedly.

Lin Yun was stunned for a moment before asking, “Why do you ask”

“When you pulled that girl just now, your movements were so skilled.

You looked like a martial arts expert!”

Lin Yun chuckled and said, “Thats not Chinese martial arts! Its just some Chinese medicine bone-setting techniques!”

“Wow! Chinese medicine! Just as good!” Kent exclaimed.

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The members of the research team seemed to be used to Kents shouting.

Everyone chatted and laughed, and the small episode just now passed.

A little later, Lin Yun was sorting out the research materials when Lina suddenly pinged her and spoke to Lin Yun.

Lin Yun opened the dialog box and saw Lina pulling a document into the dialog box.

“A small gift for you!”

Lin Yun opened the chat box in surprise.

It was actually the video material showing Ling Na and the others coming to cause trouble.

“Why do you have this” Lin Yun asked curiously.

“You know I dont have a good memory.

I recorded the entire meeting.”

Linas voice transmission came through quickly.

“I didnt expect to record such a fun thing this time!”

“What do you plan to do with this content Do you need me to help you upload it to the Internet”

Lin Yun carefully looked at the content recorded by Lina.

Due to the restrictions of Lin Yuns camera range, the video only captured the scene of Ling Na and Lin Yu falling.

Everyone after that was just a flash of image as they passed the camera, but it was still possible to clearly distinguish the corresponding voice of each person.

However, even if the images and voices could not be matched one by one, just from the initial fall, it could be seen that Ling Na had done it on purpose.

This was clearly a set-up!

Lin Yun thought for a moment and rejected Linas kindness.

Although Lina was not in the country, the Ling family had tentacles all over the world.

Moreover, Ling Nas family was in the medical business and had some connections with the Lin family.

If this matter affected Linas family business, it would not be worth it.

Although Lina was still a little indignant, she still respected Lin Yuns choice.

That night, the video of Ling Na framing Lin Yun suddenly appeared on various online platforms.

The OP even thoughtfully labeled the names of every voice.

Although they were using pronouns, everyone who appeared in the video was the daughter of a wealthy family in Haicheng.

It was really easy for the netizens to tell who was who!

After one night, the framing incident intensified and even affected the stock trends of various companies.

Lin Cheng received a call from his assistant early in the morning, saying that his stock had fallen by eight points.

Lin Cheng instantly woke up and almost spat out a mouthful of blood.


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