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472 Acknowledging Older Brother

Feng Si turned around and carefully glanced at Lin Yun.

“Dont provoke Ming Yi again! Look at Han Fangs outcome!”

Tian Yuan still snorted.

“Han Fang is stupid! She reaped what she sowed! Am I afraid of someone who doesnt even dare to show her face!”

“Sigh! Lets not talk about her! How can we open this!” Tian Yuan looked around the box but could not find a way to open it.

Feng Si also looked at the box expectantly.

“Where did you find this It looks very valuable!”

Tian Yuan glared at Feng Si.

“Do you have to be louder! Let everyone know that I found something good!”

Hearing Tian Yuans words, Feng Si curled her lips and said, “Then what exactly is this This box looks like it cant be opened without a key!”

Tian Yuan stopped and looked at the box in her hand.

After a while, she turned around and walked in another direction.

She did not forget to call out to Feng Si, “Lets go!”

Feng Si did not react to what Tian Yuan planned to do, but she still followed behind her quickly.

At night, the production team began to record videos of the contestants preparing for the competition.

The production team arranged for a few groups to record separately.

The recording would be based on the contestants performance in the training room, the communication between the contestants, and the guidance of the judges and mentors.

When Lin Qian saw Lin Yun walk in, he couldnt wait to lean over.

boxn ovel.


In order to avoid arousing suspicion, he had not interacted with his precious sister for a long time.

Ever since he found out that Ming Yi was Lin Yun, Lin Qian looked extremely proud.

Especially in front of Fu Heng, he was about to stick his sisters talent and beauty on his face.

Fu Heng was also a little surprised when he found out that Lin Yun was Ming Yi.

However, when he thought about how the person Third Brother forced him to sign was actually Lin Yun, Fu Heng almost went to thank the heavens for their mercy.

Lin Qian had just taken a few steps when he was surrounded by a few contestants.

Although he was a little unwilling, he could not openly reject those contestants.

Lin Qian waved at Lin Yun in the distance, wanting her to walk over herself.

Seeing this, Lin Yun immediately shook her head, not intending to join in the fun.

Just because of Lin Qians mask, the entire Internet bombarded the unknown singer, “Ming Yi”.

Although Lin Yun was not afraid of these things, it would inevitably arouse bad intentions if Ming Yi attracted too much attention.

Especially since her life was not peaceful, to begin with, Lin Yun did not want anything to happen.

Lin Qian still seemed unwilling.

Just as he was about to walk forward quickly, he saw another person in front of him.

“Second Brother, youre Second Brother, right” Lin Yu revealed a sweet smile and stared at Lin Qian as if she could see the face behind the mask.

Lin Qian stopped in his tracks but didnt say anything.

The surrounding people could not help but be surprised when they heard Lin Yus words.

“Is Lin Qian Lin Yus second brother” Someone exclaimed.

Even the surrounding staff were in shock.

The cameras that were still being adjusted were already aimed at the two of them.

“Lin Yu, are you serious Lin Qian is your second brother” Tian Yuan, who was already standing beside Lin Qian, looked at the two of them and tried her best to suppress her urge to scream.

Lin Yu smiled sweetly at Tian Yuan.

“Although its only my guess now, Im basically sure!”

“After all, we grew up together and have been together for almost 20 years!” Lin Yu smiled.

Her certainty didnt seem to need any verification.

“Wow! You hid it so well! You didnt even say it before!” Feng Si stood at the side and said with a smile.

Feng Sis words made the smile on Lin Yus face pause.

“I wasnt sure before either.

Who asked my second brother to always be so mysterious He didnt even reveal his family!” Lin Yu regained her smile and even looked like she was blaming Lin Qian.

Everyones gaze followed Lin Yus words and turned to Lin Qian, but Lin Qian didnt seem to have any intention of responding.

For a moment, the scene seemed a little awkward.

A staff member at the side quickly came out to smooth things over.

“I really didnt expect Lin Qian and Lin Yu to be siblings.

Your familys genes are really good!”

The staff member, who did not know what was going on, originally wanted to come out and help, but he did not expect his words to touch a sore spot.


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