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473 Powerful Gene

When Lin Yu heard this, her expression froze.

A sneer came from afar.

Everyone searched around, but they did not know where the voice came from.

Lin Yu gritted her teeth hatefully before looking at the staff member.

She muttered, “This should be related to the environment you grew up in!”

Lin Yu avoided the main point and didnt talk about the fact that she and Lin Qian werent biological siblings.

However, there was no lack of people who lived in Sea City among these staff and contestants.

They already knew about the real and fake daughter who had once been a household topic in Sea City.

Lin Yu was the daughter of the Lin Corporation and the only child.

How could she have a biological brother

Lin Yu looked up at Lin Qian with a smile, not doubting her guess.

Because just now, she had seen Lin Qian take off his mask with her own eyes!

She had wanted to go to Fu Hengs office to talk to him about her future plans.

The song that Wang Lan had gotten someone to change had yet to return to her hands.

She wanted to find a way to stall for time.

Unexpectedly, just as she reached the office door, she bumped into Fu Hengs assistant, Ning Hao, opening the door and walking out.

At that moment, she saw Lin Qian sitting in the office!

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She was very sure that Lin Qian was the second brother who had lived with her for almost 20 years and took pleasure in teasing her!

Recalling how he had made things difficult for her previously and how he had even refused to help her and favored an outsider like Mingyi, Lin Yu gritted her teeth!

However, since she had confirmed Lin Qians identity, she could not let go of the benefits of this relationship!

Lin Qian, who had been silent the entire time, was already surging in his heart.

He had hidden his identity for so many years to create some mystery and prevent those so-called gossip reporters from disturbing his “peaceful” private life.

This damn Lin Yu.

Who gave her the courage to expose him

The more Lin Qian thought about it, the angrier he became.

Just as he was about to explode, Fu Heng walked over first.

“Everyone, its best if we let the person involved confirm if Lin Qian and Lin Yu are siblings,” Fu Heng said as he looked at Lin Yu warningly.

Then, he said again, “Artists nurtured by our company have their privacy, so no matter how curious you are about their private lives, I suggest you…”

“Its better not to pry too much!”

“Otherwise, be careful of our companys lawyers letter!”

Fu Heng smiled and threatened, making everyone present shiver.

No one dared to ask too much about Lin Qians true identity.

After all, they were only contestants in the competition.

Most of them had not even stepped into this circle.

How could they dare to challenge the authority in this circle

Even if a few people already had their own management company to support them, they paled in comparison to Tian Le.

They had no power to resist.

For the sake of their lives, they still chose to respect the decisions of Tian Le and Lin Qian.

They would no longer pry into the privacy of celebrities!

Lin Yu originally wanted to use everyone present to make Lin Qian acknowledge her.

This way, regardless of whether Lin Qian opened his mouth or not, those people would more or less give Lin Qian some face.

Who knew that Lin Qian would actually embarrass her at this time in front of such a group of outsiders

Lin Yu gritted her teeth and stared at Lin Qian.

Fu Heng said a few words to Lin Qian before Lin Qian said again, “Everyone, Ive signed a confidentiality agreement with the company.

Be it me or the company, we have no right to unilaterally leak my personal information.”

“So, no matter how you guess, there will be no outcome!”

“Alright! We should start recording the show next!”

After Lin Qian finished speaking, Ding Ning and Jia Lin quickly walked over and arranged for the staff and contestants to quickly enter the recording state.

Lin Yus actions just now were like a farce.

Now that the farce had ended, Lin Yu was left alone.

From afar, Lin Yun looked at Lin Yus stiff back, and the corners of her mouth under the mask curled up slightly.

She thought to herself, “Lin Yu, not everyone will be used by you! You should have realized this!”

Although there was no outcome to Lin Yu acknowledging her brother, everyones attitude towards Lin Yu seemed to have changed.

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