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Lin Cheng drove all the way to the Ling familys private hospital.

As expected, the hospital entrance was already surrounded by reporters.

The media reporters who had just been invited by the Lin family were looking for a breakthrough outside the hospital.

When they heard that the head of the Lin family and the fake Miss Lin Yun had come to the hospital together, the reporters were even more excited.

With keen sharp sense of news, they quickly locked onto Lin Cheng and Lin Yuns car.

They followed the Lin family car all the way to the underground parking lot.

A few smart reporters followed the clues and found the way to the VIP ward on the top floor of the Ling family hospital.

Lin Cheng only stopped when he reached Ling Nas ward on the top floor.

“You said that Mr.

Bai will come over.

When will he come” Lin Cheng seemed a little anxious.

Although Lin Yun had promised Mr.

Bai that she would come to the hospital, she did not specify the exact time.

Lin Cheng was also anxious, so he wanted to wait at the hospital in advance.

It was always polite.

Unexpectedly, as soon as he arrived at the periphery of the hospital, he was surrounded by a large group of reporters, making Lin Cheng lose his patience.

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He only wanted to quickly ask Mr.

Bai to give Ling Na a diagnosis so that he could clear Lin Yun and the Lin familys name!

Lin Cheng and Lin Yun had just arrived at the VIP ward when Ling Ao, who had rushed over after hearing the news, appeared at the hospital.

Since Lin Cheng had brought his daughter over to apologize, as the father of the “victim”, he naturally had to appear.

Ling Ao came to Lin Cheng and didnt even glance at Lin Yun.

“CEO Lin, I thought you were afraid of trouble and didnt dare to come!”

When Lin Cheng heard Ling Aos words, he gritted his teeth in hatred.

It was fine if this person complained first, but he actually dared to look down on him!

Lin Cheng had a mocking smile on his face.

“Whats there for me to be afraid of!”

“What do you mean” Ling Ao raised his eyebrows slightly, and his expression became even uglier.

At this moment, a group of reporters surged into the tightly guarded VIP building.

The bodyguards guarding the various entrances could not stop the surging wave of reporters.

When Lin Cheng saw that the reporters had arrived, he glanced at Lin Yun as if asking something.

Lin Yun nodded slightly, indicating for Lin Cheng not to worry.

Just as the reporters surrounded Lin Cheng and the others and pointed the finger at the daughter of the Ling Corporation, who had posted the video online last night, Ling Aos anger erupted.

“CEO Lin, what do you mean!”

Lin Cheng looked at the reporter in front of him calmly.

“Its just to give the reporters a chance to find the truth.”

“Our Lin family has always dared to take responsibility.

I wonder if the Ling family…” Lin Cheng paused deliberately.

“I wonder if the Ling family has such a strict family style!”

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Hearing Lin Cheng mention the Ling familys style, Ling Aos eyes burned with anger.

“CEO Lin, I advise you not to slander others!”

“Although our two companies are partners, if someone from the Lin family bullied my daughter, its fine if we dont talk about this collaboration!”

“I have the same intention!” Lin Cheng growled without any fear.

“My Lin family has always only worked with righteous people!”

Hearing Lin Chengs words, Ling Aos eyebrows almost stood up.

As the two of them fought, Lin Yun only stood at the side and watched coldly.

Ling Ao was a hot-tempered person to begin with.

After being provoked by Lin Chengs words, he was instantly furious.

“Alright! I, Ling Ao, hereby announce that I will cut off all business dealings with the Lin family in the future and will no longer be working together!”

“In that case! The Lin family has also announced that we will no longer cooperate with the Ling family.

From now on, we will only be competitors!” Lin Cheng roared without any fear.

Lin Cheng was originally worried that if Mr.

Bai couldnt arrive in time or if Ling Na was really injured, he would have to curry favor with Ling Ao.

Who knew that Ling Ao would be so rude right from the start It triggered Lin Chengs masculinity that he had been suppressing all these years!

Although Lin Cheng was the CEO of the Lin Corporation, his assets were still the property of Wang Lans family.

After being angered by his parents-in-law for half his life, Lin Cheng finally had the confidence to retaliate.

No matter what happened in the future, at least at this moment…

It felt good!


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