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Bai stayed in the ward for about ten minutes before appearing at the door again.

Lin Cheng quickly went forward and asked, “Mr.

Bai, how is it”


Bai didnt seem to have any intention of answering him.

He only beckoned to Lin Yun.

Lin Yun immediately reacted and walked forward to listen to Mr.



Bai gave a few instructions, and Lin Yun quickly nodded.

After saying that, Mr.

Bai ignored the others attitude and walked back the way he came.

The reporters were anxiously taking photos of Mr.

Bais actions again, afraid that they would miss out on any important news.

When Mr.

Bai finally disappeared into the elevator, the reporters reluctantly returned their gaze to Lin Cheng and his daughter.

Ling Ao looked at Lin Yun warily, guessing what Mr.

Bai had just said to Lin Yun.

The Ling and Lin families should know very well if Ling Na was injured.

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Since the Lin family could get Mr.

Bai to examine Ling Na, it was obvious that they wanted to announce the matter.

However, Mr.

Bai only whispered a few words to Lin Yun and did not seem to have any intention of standing up for the Lin family.

This situation surprised Ling Ao.

Not to mention Ling Ao, even Lin Cheng was confused.

Wasnt Mr.

Bai here to help the Lin family clear their name

Why did he leave without saying anything

Lin Cheng immediately felt a surge of anger.

He couldnt flare up at someone like Mr.

Bai, but it was more than enough to vent his anger on Lin Yun!

He glared at Lin Yun.

“What happened What did Mr.

Bai say to you”

Lin Yun was about to speak when Ling Ao suddenly said, “What Mr.

Bai said is not important.

Whats important is that this is the Ling familys place.

Now, CEO Lin, please leave with your precious daughter!”

“Otherwise, Ill hire security to chase them away!”

Ling Ao said bluntly.

It seemed like his patience with Lin Cheng had reached its limit.

Lin Cheng naturally couldnt let go of this opportunity to turn the tables.

The reason why he rushed over was to personally verify the Ling familys framing!

But Mr.

Bai had left before the matter was settled.

Lin Cheng glared at Lin Yun again.

“Speak! What exactly is going on!”

Lin Yun opened her mouth, but she couldnt say anything.

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Seeing Lin Yun like this, Lin Cheng seemed to have realized something.

His expression changed slightly before he said to Lin Yun, “I usually teach you that you should admit your mistakes.”

“I brought you here today so that you can face your mistake!”

“No matter how Miss Ling was injured, you must have made a mistake!”

“So, Dad brought you here today because he hopes that you can face your mistake and apologize to Miss Ling!”

Hearing Lin Chengs words, Lin Yun immediately felt disdain.

Indeed, when Lin Cheng couldnt find a way out, he would use her as a scapegoat.

Presumably, after establishing his image as a kind father, Lin Cheng would be busy shifting the blame again!

As expected, Lin Cheng turned to the reporters with a pained expression.

“Although Lin Yun isnt our Lin familys biological daughter…”

“Well also try our best to give her the best living conditions so that she can enjoy the same treatment as our biological daughter.”

“She was going to return to her real family these days, but we didnt expect todays incident to happen.”

“Now that weve encountered such a situation, our Lin family has to bear the responsibility since we did not discipline her well.”

“I hope that all the reporters can give Lin Yun a chance to change since shes still young.”

Lin Cheng said it sincerely.

What he meant was to make clear to them that Lin Yun was not the daughter of the Lin family.

The Lin family had long let Lin Yun return to the home where she was born.

As for why she didnt leave, the reporters can guess for themselves!

The conflict with the Ling family was also caused by Lin Yun alone, so it had nothing to do with the Lin family!

The Lin family had already tried their best to educate Lin Yun, but that was her nature.

It was not the Lin familys fault that she could not be educated!

In short, everything was Lin Yuns fault.

The Lin family was the one who was implicated!

Lin Yun secretly interpreted Lin Chengs words and couldnt help but sigh.

If someone like Lin Cheng was born in ancient times, he would probably be a strategist who followed the wind!

The reporters were stunned by Lin Chengs words, but they still faithfully recorded CEO Lins painful words as the breaking news of today!


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