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“Since the song has been decided, go and practice!” Lin Cheng looked at Lin Yun and Lin Yu impatiently.

He was currently busy with the companys matters, and his family was still bothering him because of this!

Seeing that Lin Chengs expression was a little ugly, Lin Yu bit her lower lip and lowered her head aggrievedly.

“Dad, I know its all my fault.”

“I dont have the talent or the ability like Sister.

Thats why Sister…”

“Alright!” Lin Cheng interrupted Lin Yu in frustration.

“Ill find another teacher for you to help you learn together!”

Hearing that Lin Cheng had agreed to find another teacher, Wang Lans expression turned a little ugly.

It was obvious that Lin Cheng felt that Lin Yun had done the right thing and had neglected his own daughters wishes!

Lin Yun was making things difficult for her daughter because she looked down on Lin Yu!

In the video, Lin Yun had clearly been looking down on her daughter!

The more Wang Lan thought about it, the more aggrieved she felt.

When she glanced at Lin Yun, there was a hint of reproach in her eyes.

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Lin Yun didnt pay attention to Wang Lans words, but she was thinking about how to make Lin Yu reject her so that the “professional teacher” could replace her.

After all, she was going to leave soon.

She couldnt let such a small matter affect her plans!

Seeing that everyone was silent, Lin Cheng walked off.

Lin Yun carried her music score and walked towards her room.

Lin Yu probably already knew about the scores in her hands.

After all, when she was hospitalized, the room had been secretly flipped upside down.

It was no wonder that Lin Yu was impatient to listen to Lin Yuns introduction.

She had already had her eyes on “Ask”!

However, Lin Yu probably didnt have the ability to read the score at all, so she asked Lin Yun to teach her.Only then could she rightfully obtain the score.

Moreover, she could take this opportunity to label Lin Yun as sarcastic and arrogant.

Lin Yun didnt intend to give Lin Yu another chance to frame her.

She didnt care about music scores.

After a “professional teacher” was hired for Lin Yu, she would be able to leave without any restrictions!

Wang Lans dissatisfaction with Lin Yun deepened, and Lin Yu noticed it.

She said to Wang Lan, “Mom, its my fault! Ive let you and Dad down and made a fool of myself in front of Sister…”

When Wang Lan heard this, her expression became even uglier.

“Xiao Yu, dont worry.

Mom will definitely find you the best teacher!”

“Lin Yun made things difficult for you…” Wang Lan paused and didnt continue.

The three of them knew very well why Lin Yun stayed in the Lin family.

Wang Lan didnt dare to chase Lin Yun away rashly.

Otherwise, if Lin Chengs promise could not be fulfilled, the Lin family would be in trouble!

Thinking of this, Wang Lan couldnt help but sigh.

She gently held Lin Yus hand and said, “Be good, Xiaoyu.

Go back to your room with Mom.

Mom will bring you something good.”

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Wang Lan had to find a way to comfort her biological daughter.

“A few days ago, Mrs.

Li came back from overseas with a lot of good stuff.

Mom was just about to let you choose a few things you like!”

As Wang Lan spoke, she held Lin Yus hand and entered the room.

Although Lin Yu looked calm, she was already smiling in her heart.

Lin Yun opened her chat with Luna.

“Luna, I have something to trouble you with!”

Luna quickly recovered.

“You never visit unless you need something.Youre probably a scumbag in reality!”

Lin Yun raised her eyebrows and chuckled.

“Isnt it a basic rule not to contact others for no reason”

“Youre really cold-blooded!” Luna sent an aggrieved emoji.

Lin Yun replied with a big heart.

“Do you need me to be hot-blooded”

Luna sent a disdainful emoji and said, “Back to the topic! What do you need me to do”

Lin Yun tapped her fingers on the keyboard.

“Help me track Ling Nas communications!”

“Huh” Luna left an incredulous expression.

“Isnt this something you can easily resolve” Luna asked in confusion.

Lin Yun sent a shrug emoji.

“Cant be bothered to! A waste of time!”

“Im speechless… Although Im the liaison, this kind of thing…” Luna sighed.

“Alright! Just my luck to be in your team!”


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