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After breakfast, Lin Yun got into the car with Aunt Ning and headed to the hospital for a checkup.

At the carpark, but they couldnt find a lot after circling around a few times.

Lin Yun said impatiently, “Wheres the private parking space”

Aunt Ning lowered her eyes and said, “Madam brought Miss Xiaoyu over for an eye checkup this morning…”

Lin Yun sneered.

“Then leave me at the entrance of the hospital first.”

Lin Yun couldnt be bothered to waste her breath on them.

She just wanted to finish her checkup as soon as possible and rush back to do her things.

The driver followed Lin Yuns request and went around to the hospital entrance to drop her.

At this moment, a group of people walked towards the hospital entrance aggressively.

Lin Yun was stunned for a moment.

Just as her hand touched the car door, she retracted it.

However, Aunt Ning urged from the side, “Miss, its almost time for the appointment.

Lets hurry…”

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Lin Yun glared at Aunt Ning coldly.

“Cant you see that its very chaotic outside”

As they spoke, a few people had already surrounded Lin Yuns car.

A few fierce-looking people were gesturing through the car window, talking about something.

Lin Yun didnt dare to open the car door rashly.

Just as she was about to instruct the driver to drive away, two people suddenly appeared at the front of the car.

Not far from Lin Yuns car, a silver Rolls-Royce slowly stopped.

“CEO Lu, that seems to be the Lin familys car over there,” Ning Kun turned around and said to Lu Chen, who was in the backseat.

Lu Chens gaze had already landed on the car, and his eyes turned cold.

“Those peoples targets seem to be…” Ning Kun looked at the increasing number of people surrounding the Lin familys car and couldnt help but frown.

“Get someone to see whats going on,” Lu Chen said coldly.

Ning Kun immediately got out of the car and dialed a number.

When he arrived near the Lin familys car, a few men in black had already walked out of the hospital.

The people surrounding the Lin familys car didnt seem to notice the person who came.

Someone had already reached out to pull the door on Lin Yuns side.

At that moment, a hand grabbed the mans wrist.

Before the man could react, his wrist was dislocated.

The man stared blankly at the person grabbing his wrist.

The next moment, the pain made him scream as he held his injured wrist tightly.

Someone beside him quickly came up to check on the situation.

Someone even grabbed a stick from the back of his pants and was about to call out to the person who injured his companion.

At this moment, a few men in black moved quickly.

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In just a few moves, the group of people were knocked to the ground.

Instantly, at least 15 to 16 people fell around the Lin familys car.

Lin Yun looked at the agile men in black and then at Ning Kun, who was walking towards her.

She opened the car door and walked out.

“Assistant Ning…”

Ning Kun revealed a gentle smile and asked, “Miss Lin, are you frightened”

Lin Yun shook her head and nodded slightly.

“Thank you, Assistant Ning, for saving me!”

Ning Kun glanced at the people who had mostly fallen to the ground and asked, “Miss Lin, do you know these people”

Lin Yun also looked at those people and shook her head.


Ning Kun nodded and gestured for the men in black to send these people to where they should go.

Then, he looked at the silver Rolls-Royce not far away.

“Miss Lin, are you here for a follow-up today”

Lin Yun nodded and followed Ning Kuns gaze to the silver Rolls-Royce.

A servant stood outside the car and reached out to help the person in the car into the wheelchair.

Lin Yun recognized at a glance that the person was Lu Chen!

The reason why Ning Kun appeared so coincidentally and saved her seemed to be related to Lu Chen!

Ning Kun hurriedly said, “Our CEO Lu is also here for a checkup today!”

“I saw that Miss Lins car was surrounded, so I came over to take a look!”

Hearing Ning Kuns words, Lin Yun smiled gratefully again.

“I really have to thank CEO Lu this time!”

Then, Lin Yun whispered, “I wonder how his injuries are”

Ning Kun did not hear Lin Yuns words clearly.

Just as she was about to ask again, the servant pushed Lu Chen over.


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