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Lin Yu opened the door and saw Wang Lan standing outside looking at her worriedly.

Lin Yu revealed an aggrieved expression.

“Mom, Im sorry.

I suddenly felt a little dizzy and dropped the plate on the table.”

“Its fine, its fine.

Whats there to be embarrassed about! Are you feeling unwell anywhere” Wang Lan sized Lin Yu up.

Lin Yu shook her head before pulling Wang Lans arm and helping her into her room.

“Im just a little dizzy.”

How could Wang Lan be at ease She said, “Then lets go to the hospital now!”

“I made an appointment with Director Li in the afternoon.

Ill call him now and ask him to go over early!” As Wang Lan spoke, she picked up the phone and dialed Director Lis number.

Lin Yu stood at the side and looked at Wang Lans expression.

Her lips curled into a smile.

Lin Yun, you wont be able to obtain such motherly love!

Aunt Ning pushed open the door of the examination room with an impatient expression.

“Miss Xiaoyun, havent you finished with your check up”

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“Madam said that she wants us to go back urgently.

Theres something we need to discuss with you at home!”

When Doctor Cheng heard Auntie Nings urging, he revealed an angry expression.

“Why are you urging me! The patients condition is more important than the chores at home!”

Hearing Dr.

Chengs words, Aunt Ning choked on the spot.

She had nothing important to do to begin with, so she didnt know how to refute the doctor.

At this moment, Aunt Nings phone rang again, relieving her of her awkwardness.

She picked up her phone and glanced at it before pressing the answer button.

“Missy, you said…”

Aunt Ning was probably nervous and didnt notice that Lin Yun had heard what she said.

Knowing that it was Lin Yu, Lin Yun lowered her eyes slightly and sneered in her heart.

She wondered what else would happen!

After Aunt Ning left, Dr.

Cheng didnt forget to snort at the door of the examination room.

“Your familys servants are getting more and more impudent!”

Lin Yun smiled and did not reply.

The servants of the Lin family knew their limits, especially how to curry favor with their masters!

After the examination was over, Lin Yun walked out of the examination room and realized that Aunt Ning was not waiting outside.

Lin Yun shrugged.

She had long expected this to happen after Lin Yu called.

However, she was hesitating.

Would she go home alone

Or should she go for coffee with Lu Chen first

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Just as Lin Yun was hesitating, she heard someone call her from behind.

“Miss Lin!”

Lin Yun turned around and saw Ning Kun walking over from afar.

“Miss Lin, CEO Lu said that he was afraid that you didnt know the way to the top floor, so he specially asked me to invite you over!” Ning Kun walked up to Lin Yun and said respectfully.

Lin Yun was stunned for a moment and laughed in her heart.

“Could it be that Lu Chen is afraid that I wont show up, so he specially found someone to stop me”

Lin Yun chuckled and nodded, indicating for Ning Kun to lead the way.

Ning Kun took two steps forward and stopped.

“Wheres Miss Lins servant”

Lin Yun subconsciously looked around before shaking her head and smiling.

“I just asked her to buy something.

Shes not back yet.”

“Oh,” Ning Kun replied, but he could tell at a glance it wasnt as she had said.

He did give this away and only turned around to continue leading the way for Lin Yun.

Miss Lin was really pitiful!

Ever since her identity as the fake heiress was exposed, she seemed to have been in the whirlpool of all kinds of public opinion.

Not only that, but it seemed that the attitude of the people around her had changed drastically.

Many people even stood up and said that she was once arrogant, cold, and sarcastic.

However, after observing for a period of time, Ning Kun did not think that Lin Yun was someone who was two-faced!

Furthermore, CEO Lu had sent someone to investigate Miss Lins actions over the years.

She was exactly the same as the person in front of him!

Where did those curses come from

Although Ning Kun was puzzled, he did not show it.

After arriving at the top floor and passing through a corridor guarded by people, Ning Kun stood in front of a glass door.

“Miss Lin, please!”

Lin Yun looked at the scene in front of her in surprise.

This was the top floor of the hospital, but it also seemed to be a special floating building.

It was completely different from the lifeless atmosphere of the hospital.

The thick coffee fragrance here was accompanied by the fragrance of flowers, emitting a comfortable atmosphere.

She wondered which genius designed it!


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