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Lin Yun walked in through the glass door and only stopped in front of Lu Chen.

Lu Chen was still sitting in the wheelchair.

When he saw Lin Yun walking over, he nodded slightly.

Lin Yun stared at Lu Chens face and did not move.

Lu Chen frowned and looked at Lin Yun.He kept feeling that Lin Yun had a strange feeling every time she looked at him.

He couldnt tell, but he felt that Lin Yun had a lot to tell him.

It was a feeling of sadness and relief…

Lu Chen shook his head and shook off the strange thoughts in his mind.

He did not have much interaction with Lin Yun.

Although Lin Yuns blood was flowing in his body now, it was only their second time meeting.

Lu Chen was the first to recover.

He said softly to Lin Yun, “Miss Lin, please sit!”

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Lin Yun finally came back to her senses.

Every time she saw Lu Chen, she would subconsciously recall how he looked when he fell into a pool of blood.

She was really afraid that Lu Chen would encounter such a thing again!

Lin Yun lowered her eyes slightly and restrained her emotions.

She sat opposite Lu Chen, her hands still twisted together.

“What do you want to drink” Lu Chen asked again.

He felt that Lin Yun looked a little distracted.

Lin Yun shook her head and revealed a faint smile.

“CEO Lu, why did you call me up today”

Lu Chen felt a little uncomfortable with Lin Yuns distant attitude.

He frowned to himself before continuing, “I saw that you seemed to have been frightened downstairs and thought it would be good for you to come up and rest.”

Lin Yun nodded and didnt say anything else.

Lu Chen was not used to interacting with women, and Lin Yun seemed to be deliberately keeping a distance, putting him at a loss.

They both fell silent for a moment.

At this moment, Lin Yuns phone suddenly rang.

Lin Yun picked up her phone and frowned slightly.

She smiled apologetically at Lu Chen before getting up to answer the call.

The wounds on her body had yet to heal.

When she got up, she tugged at the wounds.

“Hiss…” Lin Yun let out a low cry and didnt take it to heart.

She walked to the side and pressed the answer button.

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Lu Chen looked at Lin Yuns back and suddenly thought of something.

Lin Yun hung up the phone, her expression turning ugly.

Lu Chen looked at her in confusion.

“What happened”

Lin Yun composed herself and said, “Nothing, Im going back first!”

Lu Chen was about to ask her to stay, but he remembered that he didnt have much of a relationship with Lin Yun, so it was strange for him to ask her to stay.

Lin Yun nodded at Lu Chen.

“CEO Lu, see you next time.”

After saying that, Lin Yun turned around and left in a hurry.

Lu Chen looked at Lin Yun as she left.

Because of her hand injury, her movements looked a little unnatural.

“Send me some of the medicine you mentioned last time.” Lu Chen instructed.

“Why You dont despise it anymore” Guan Lings voice was a little teasing.

“Get someone to send it to the hospital.” Lu Chen hung up before Guan Ling could reply.

When Guan Ling heard the beeping sound from the phone, he turned around and stared at his phone in disbelief.

“Why is this person always like this!”

“Back then, when this new medicine was developed, how much money did he earn!”

“Hes actually so ungrateful!”

Guan Ling kept complaining, but his assistant, Chen Cheng, widened his mouth in shock.

He had only been in the job for three months, but he had never seen his boss so emotional!

Usually, the boss looked cold and arrogant.

It was no wonder that there were rumors in the industry that the boss was an iceberg that kept people away.

But today, this abnormal boss…

Chen Cheng was in a daze when Guan Ling called him twice.

“Chen Cheng! What are you thinking about!”

Only then did Chen Cheng come back to his senses and hurriedly ran to Guan Ling.

“Send this to the Central Hospital!” Guan Ling handed Chen Cheng a medicine box that he had just taken out from the sealed cabinet.

Chen Cheng looked at the medicine box and was a little surprised.

“Isnt this…”

“Dont ask so much.

Hurry up and come back!” As Guan Ling spoke, he returned to his previous cold attitude.

Chen Cheng did not dare to delay.

He took the medicine and rushed out of the laboratory.

When he arrived at the Central Hospital, Chen Cheng remembered that his boss had not told him who to give the medicine to.

Fortunately, just as he walked into the hospital, he saw Ning Kun walking towards him.

Ning Kun brought Chen Cheng to the top floor and handed the medicine to Lu Chen.

Lu Chen looked at the medicine box in his hand and asked softly, “What did Guan Ling say”

“Well…” Chen Cheng did not know how to answer for a moment.


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