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“It looks like you did some homework,” Luo Gang said blandly.

However, Lin Yun knew very well that Luo Gang was already suppressing his anger and could explode at any moment.

Lin Yun knew why Luo Gang felt disgusted.

As a famous director in the country, there were naturally many people who wanted to get close to Luo Gang.

However, most people felt that a big director like Luo Gang would naturally go to high-end restaurants and cafes.

Who would have thought that he would have such a special fondness for such a small cafe

If Lin Yun had not interacted more with Luo Gang after the competition in her previous life, she would not have been able to find out about this.

Qin Xia looked at Lin Yun nervously, feeling that this young lady was playing with fire.

Director Luo was famous for his bad temper in the industry.

His current attitude was clearly a precursor to his outburst.

Qin Xia wanted to gesture Lin Yun with some hints to prevent her from stepping into the minefield.

Unexpectedly, Lin Yun pretended not to see his attempts at getting her attention.

“Director Luo, I came to see you today only to express my opinion as an outsider.”

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“Outsider” Luo Gang raised his eyebrows, clearly not believing Lin Yun.

Lin Yun didnt explain further and only said, “The new Masked King this time is the first national audition held in our city.”

“Its said that the entire competition has been tracked by the television station, so it will naturally receive everyones attention.”

“I dont think Director Luo wants to be exposed as a fraud during the competition, right”

Luo Gang frowned when he heard Lin Yuns words.

“What do you mean”

“The format of the competition is to allow the contestants to exercise their own choice,” Lin Yun said simply.

“But I think Director Luo has thought of the drawbacks!”

In her previous life, Luo Gang had complained to Lin Yun and the others after drinking, saying that he had many complaints about the competition rules.

After all, it was an open competition for everyone.

However, many cases of plagiarism and song buying were exposed later on.

Since the contestants were very popular, this discord was suppressed.

However, to Luo Gang, who was pursuing the effect of a perfect program, it was undoubtedly a blow to him.

What Lin Yun raised now was the question that Luo Gang had been thinking about during this period of time, but he could not grasp the main point!

The reason why he called Qin Xia out today was to pick his brains to review potential drawbacks of the competition!

Hearing Lin Yuns words, Luo Gang subconsciously stretched out his hand and gestured for Lin Yun to sit down.

Lin Yun did not stand on ceremony.

She pulled out the chair between the two of them and sat down.

Qin Xia secretly lowered his head.

He really wanted to give Lin Yun a thumbs up!

Lin Yun had just sat down when Luo Gang said, “What did you mean just now”

Lin Yun briefly explained her thoughts.

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Luo Gang listened to Lin Yun methodically analyze the hidden dangers in the competition rules and could not help but look at the young lady in front of him in a different light.

He originally thought that this young lady just wanted to get close to him to chase after celebrities or to pursue her own dream of becoming a celebrity.

However, when he heard every flaw she pointed out, Luo Gang could not help but sigh.

This little girl was simply a genius at event planning!

After Lin Yun finished speaking, Luo Gang nodded slowly.

“You mean that after the preliminary selection of the song, we should give the contestants a fairer chance to compete”

Lin Yun nodded and said, “Every contestant should be standing at the same starting line.”

“After all, some people have unique resources, while others might be more talented.”

“I dont think the director wants to bury anyones talent!”

“These people are still new.

If their talent can be uncovered, they will definitely become even more dazzling celebrities in the future!”

Luo Gang looked at Lin Yun deeply again before asking, “Why do you have such thoughts”

Lin Yun retracted her gaze slightly, as if she didnt want to answer this question.

Luo Gang looked at Lin Yun for a while before smiling.

“Alright! I understand! Ill consider your suggestion.

I hope you can leave your contact information.

Ill get Qin Xia to keep in touch with you.”

Lin Yun did not refuse.

After writing down her phone number and handing it to Qin Xia, she stood up and left.

She had just taken two steps when she stopped and smiled at Luo Gang.

“Director Luo, although the hand-brewed coffee here is delicious, Im afraid that the barista wont be back for a while!”

Hearing Lin Yuns words, Luo Gang was stunned again.


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