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Lin Yun walked out of the cafe and knew that Luo Gang had already bought into her ideas.

However, she was not 100% sure what Luo Gang would do next.

In this life, everything would be unknown.

She would do everything she could to eliminate the risks ahead, but she could not guarantee that her every effort would be rewarded.

Lin Yun looked up at the blue sky above her.

“You gave me another chance, so I did my best at everything I could!”

But in the end, she could only leave things to fate!

However, she still had some control over some things!

For example… the Lin family!

Lin Yun picked up her phone and glanced at the four or five missed calls.

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Her lips curled up slightly as she dialed back.

“Lin Yun, where did you go Why arent you back yet!” Wang Lans voice came from the phone, sounding a little dissatisfied.

A mocking smile appeared on Lin Yuns face.

“Mom, Im still in the hospital.

Aunt Ning suddenly disappeared, and I dont know how to get home!”

“Youre still in the hospital” Wang Lans voice was uncertain.

Then, Lin Yun heard Wang Lan muttering something, but she couldnt hear it clearly.

After a while, Wang Lans voice sounded again.

“Ill get Aunt Ning to pick you up!”

Lin Yun sat by the flower bed in front of the hospital and casually fiddled with a Chinese rose that was about to wither.

Aunt Ning rushed over from afar and complained, “Miss, where did you go Weve been looking for you!”

Lin Yun looked up at Aunt Ning, who was panting, and asked, “You were the one who disappeared without a trace.

Why are you blaming me”

After Lin Yun finished asking, she ignored the stunned Aunt Ning and walked towards the parking lot.

“Wheres the car Im tired! I want to go back and rest.”

Auntie Ning hurriedly followed Lin Yun and led her towards the parking lot.

When Lin Yun returned home, she saw Wang Lan sitting on the sofa with her arms crossed.

Lin Yu sat beside Wang Lan obediently with a cup of hot tea in her hand.

Lin Yun looked at Wang Lans expression and found it funny.

Seeing the faint smile on Lin Yuns face, Wang Lans expression became even uglier.

“Tell me! Where did you go!”

“You went to the hospital so early in the morning and are only back now! Have you gone crazy!”

Wang Lans question made Lin Yun feel even more amused.

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She turned to look at Aunt Ning, who was standing at the side.

“Why didnt I come back Shouldnt Mom ask Aunt Ning”

“Why are you asking Auntie Ning” Wang Lan asked fiercely.

“Xiaoyu and I went to the hospital and came back.

We saw that Auntie Ning had already returned home.”

“Who knew that she came home to wait because she couldnt find you!”

“Tell me, how did you cause so much trouble when you went to the hospital!”

Wang Lan blamed her endlessly, but she did not intend to give Lin Yun a chance to explain.

Lin Yun waited silently and was not in a hurry to respond to Wang Lans anger.

Wang Lans anger flared to life.

“What else do you have to say! I must tell your father about this!”

“We really cant control you anymore!”

Hearing Wang Lans words, Lin Yuns heart skipped a beat.

If that was the case, it might not be a bad thing for the Lin family to be willing to chase her out!

Lin Yun remained silent, but Wang Lan felt embarrassed.

At this moment, Lin Yu chimed in, “Mom, dont be angry.

Listen to Sisters explanation!”

“After all, shes been away for so long.

Perhaps theres really something urgent”

“If theres really something urgent, why didnt you tell Auntie Ning and your family” Wang Lan was even more furious.

“Could it be that as her mother, I cant know her whereabouts!”

Lin Yu quickly reached out to gently pat Wang Lans back to comfort her.

“Mom, dont be anxious.

Sister… might be meeting someone very important.

Its not convenient for her to tell us.”

“Its not convenient to say In the hospital Who can she meet” Wang Lan raised her voice, sounding like Lin Yun had been caught in the act!


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